Friday 13 October 1916
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The marriage took place at St Ann’s Church, New York, on Sunday last of Mr Albert Greenfield, youngest son of Mr Harry Greenfield J.P. and Mrs Greenfield, of Manor Lane, Shipley, and Miss Dorie May Parker, second daughter of Mr and Mrs George Parker of Springwood Place, Shipley. The bridegroom left Shipley about six months ago with the object of representing a Bradford firm in Toronto, Canada. Both the bride and the bridegroom were formerly associated with St Margaret’s Church, Frizinghall.
Mr Henry Craven, son of Mrs Craven of 8 Edmund Street, Valley Road, Shipley, and Miss Ethel Greenwood, daughter of Mr and Mrs George E Greenwood, 32 Westgate, Shipley, have recently got married at Pawtuckett, Rhode Island, U.S.A. The bridegroom went to the States a few months before the outbreak of the war whilst the bride crossed the Atlantic in August last year. In a reference to the marriage, an American journal said: “Miss Ethel Greenwood and Mr Henry Craven were married yesterday afternoon at the Smithfield Avenue Congregational parsonage in the presence of their respective families. Miss Minnie Craven, sister of the groom, and Miss Edith Carlston, attended the bride. Mr Horam Craven was the best man. Last evening the couple gave a wedding supper and reception in Clan Fraser Hall after which they went to the White Mountains for a honeymoon. Clan Fraser Hall was well filled with relatives and friends and a programme of music was much enjoyed.
Dorie May Parker
Albert Greenfield
Two Shipley marriages in the U.S.A
The “Specials” and Police Officers depicted above were on duty on the occasion of the visit to Saltaire of Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess George of Russia. First Row: P.C. Clark (who has been promoted to Sergeant and is to be transferred to Bingley), Sectional Leader Dunn, Special Constable Salter, S.C. Vickridge, S.L Stephenson, S.C Firth. Second Row: P.C. Brown, S.C. Ibbotson, S.C. Clough, S.C. Shaw, S.C. Hand, S.C. Bradley, S.L. Kay, S.L. Abbott. Third Row: P.C. Proctor, S.C. Wilcock, S.C. Ramsay, S.L Suddards, P.C. Southwell. Front Row: Sgt Cockshott, Inspector Beaton (now Superintendent of the Otley Division), Sectional Commander Percy Taylor, Sgt Thorp, P.C. Pearcey
Guarding Saltaire’s royal guest
Considerable regret will be felt in Shipley and the district at the untimely death at the early age of 28 of the Rev John Handel Craven Parker, second son of Mr and Mrs Handel Parker of 76 Springhurst, Bradford  Road, Shipley. The deceased gentleman, who had been curate for two years at St John’s, Scunthorpe, had recently not enjoyed the best of health and thinking that a change would do him good, had accepted an appointment at St Annes- on-Sea. Seizure On Sunday he preached at the Parish church at St Annes and remained in the town overnight, intending on the following day to make arrangements for a suitable residence in the parish. While seated in the vicarage, however, on Monday, Mr Parker had a seizure and succumbed before medical attention could be obtained.
The late rev. gentleman received his elementary education at the Shipley Church Schools and was the first scholar from this school to secure a scholarship. Artist On leaving the Church Schools he went to the Salt Schools, Shipley. At the age of 14 he had attained such skill as a free-hand, black-and- white artist that he was awarded with a special certificate of merit. From the Salts Schools he went to the Durham University. When 18 years of age he passed the London Matriculation Examination and two years later graduated for the B.A. degree. He also excelled as a linguist and was a close student of Greek, Latin and French. Although a keen student, he devoted much time to sport, especially football. Even when at the Salts Schools he showed a strong aptitude for the
national winter game and was a prominent member of the school football team, and when at the Durham University, he played regularly with the college team and for a time acted as captain. He won many valuable prizes on the field of sport. Frizinghall He was an accomplished musician and for several years was a chorister at the St Margaret’s Parish Church, Frizinghall. It is interesting to recall that the first occasion on which Mr Parker preached after obtaining his B.A. was at St Margaret’s. Prior to taking up his appointment at Scunthorpe, he was curate at the St John’s Church, Hull. He was married in 1913 to Miss Mabel Rhodes, daughter of the late Mr William Rhodes and Mrs Rhodes of Park View, Shipley. The body of the deceased gentleman was brought to Shipley by motor at noon yesterday and the internment will take place today at Shipley Parish Church.
Untimely death of a multi-talented curate
Those people of Baildon who require medical prescriptions under the National Insurance Act, of whom there are about 1,000, are being put to inconvenience through the lack of a dispensary. The village possesses only one chemist’s shop, the proprietor of which is also the servant of a bank whose business is done in the adjoining premises. The chemist has in the past had the assistance of his son but this young man has been called to the colours. The father declares that without his son he cannot carry on both jobs and the bank he considers to be the most important. Doctors Efforts have been made to get over the difficulty but so far without success. Meanwhile the insured people of Baildon have to get any drugs they require from Shipley. The West Riding Insurance Committee think that the local doctors ought to do the dispensing but they object that at the present cost of drugs it would not pay. As Mr Joe Hudson said at last Thursday’s meeting of the local Insurance Committee it is a serious matter to have a community in that position week after week and it is to be hoped that before long a solution of the problem will be found.
Call to the colours brings inconvenience to Baildon patients
A verdict of accidental death was returned at an inquest held at the Bradford Town Hall on Monday by Mr J G Hutchinson, the city coroner, concerning the death of Ralph Peel Coutone, 60, plumber’s labourer of 36 Kitson Street, Windhill. The deceased was employed by Mr Samuel Rushworth of 68 Briggate, Shipley. On Tuesday, September 26th he was working at the Junction Mill, Dockfield Road, which is in the course of construction. He was measuring a pipe in the corridor and was seen mounting a pair of wooden steps. Immediately afterwards his workmate heard a thud and saw Coultone lying at the bottom of the steps. He went home dazed and bleeding from a wound on the side of the head, being subsequently removed to the Royal Infirmary where he died on Sunday from haemorrhage on the brain.
Died after fall from steps
At the Otley Police Court on Friday, Fred Holdsworth, a Bradford fruiterer, was summoned for driving a cart without proper lights at Baildon on September 23rd. P.C. Cooper stated that at 10.15 p.m. he was in the Otley Road when he saw the defendant driving a horse and cart in the direction of Shipley. There was no rear light on the cart. He sounded his whistle and the defendant immediately stopped. There was a lamp on the cart but the candle had burned out. Defendant was ordered to pay the costs.
In court for driving cart after candle burned out
Wife takes on the Rock
At the Bradford West Riding Police Court yesterday morning, Mary Peel was granted permission to sell at the Rock Inn, Windhill, her husband, Robert Peel, being away on active service.
Andrew McCormack, a Shipley soldier, was charged at the West Riding Court yesterday with being an absentee from the Northampton Regt and is remanded to await an escort.
Shipley soldier AWOL
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