Friday 24 November 1916
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Pte Richard William Brice*, Northumberland Fusiliers, was killed in action in his 25th year. He joined the army in April this year and went to France in July. Before enlisting he was employed as clerk on the Bradford Tramways. He leaves a widow and one child, living at Mountain Street, Windhill. In a letter to Mrs Brice, Pte Eccles wrote: “It is with sincere regret I inform you of your husband’s death which took place on Wednesday 25th October at 6 a.m. “It pains me very much to have to acquaint you with this sad news and I beg to offer my deepest sympathy. “Dick and I were the best of friends. We were always together and helped one another as best we could. I shall
miss him very much. He was the best of men and always ready to do his bit. He was very much respected by all who knew him and we are all very sorry to lose him. “I was not in the same trench at the time it occurred but I was on my way up to see him. I heard the report and the noise which followed coming from the direction where I knew Dick was. “I hurried on to find to my dismay that Dick had got shot through the body near the heart. He was unconscious all the while. We did what we could for him but he died about twenty minutes after. “As I have already said, he was unconscious all the time. He passed away peacefully.” *Other reports with the same details give his surname as Bryce or Price
Among the parcels sent to the front by Baildon Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Comforts fund was one to Pte James Oddy, who before the war had lived at 21 Lane End, Baildon. When the letters of thanks arrived, they learned Pte Oddy had been killed on 19 October, a few days before the gift arrived. Comrades Platoon Sgt Albert Gray wrote: “The parcel sent by the residents of Baildon to Pte Oddy arrived today but as he was unfortunately killed during the performance of his duty, it was handed over to comrades in the section to which he belonged. “It has been their usual custom to
share with each other those gifts from our motherland. “Pte Oddy was greatly esteemed by comrades and as his platoon sergeant I can testify to his ever cheerful attention to duty and the true British spirit under many trying conditions “You can assure the senders that his comrades esteemed the parcel in affectionate remembrance and each one desires to express his thanks for the kindly consideration of our people in the Homeland.”
In another letter Cpl Lambert wrote: ““The contents of the parcel have been distributed amongst the remainder of the section who were all close friends of his. Brave “We deeply regret losing a good lad and a sound friend. No one was better liked than he and his loss is deplored by us all. “Our only consolation is that he died as a brave man does die, doing his duty. “On behalf of my section, I thank you for the contents of the parcels and only regret that it has not been able to get into the hands of our pal.”
Comforts parcel shared in memory of pal who died
Windhill tramways clerk killed in the trenches
Pte Arthur Allan Eccleshill Killed
Pte Tom Dunwell Eccleshill Dysentry
Pte Alfred Long Shipley Killed
Pte Walter Manning Eccleshill Wounded
Pte Willie Marshall Greengates Killed
Pte Charles Nutter Baildon Killed
Pte Charles Whitaker Eccleshill Wounded
At times the paper published just photos and brief captions of casualties, either because they had no more information or because the full story had appeared in a previous issue without a photo, now supplied by   the family
Pte Joseph Halliday of the West Yorks Regt and only son of Mr and Mrs W Halliday of 19 Constance Street, Saltaire, has been killed in action by the bursting of a trench mortar shell. He enlisted in November 1914 and had been in France 14 months. He was 18 years of age and prior to the war was employed by Messrs John Robson and Son, Shipley. Honourable In a letter to his parents, the Rev R Whincup says: “I am so very sorry for you in your great affliction. But your boy has died a very honourable and gallant death and this is a very great thing to have done. “The death of all these fine boys in the Bradford Territorials is such a trouble to me.” Second-Lieut E D Stansfeild writes: “It has been a great shock to all of us in D Company as he was extremely popular amongst all ranks, being recognised as a jolly good fellow and a soldier who could invariably be relied on to do his duty whatever job he was given to him.”
Death of 18-year-old Joseph from Saltaire
Windhill cricketer KIA
Pte Norman Lund, aged 22 years, eldest son of Mr and Mrs Francis Lund, 37 Fair Bank, Windhill, has been killed in action. He was formerly employed by Mr Henry Mason, Victoria Works, Shipley. He was a member of the Windhill Mission Sunday School, the Brotherhood Men’s Institute and Cricket Club and also secretary of the Windhill Independent Order of Rechabites (Juvenile). Sympathy A letter of sympathy has been received from his Sergeant at the front, saying: “He was a great favourite with everyone and an excellent soldier. I saw him just before his death as cheerful as possible under the worst conditions.”
Pte Joseph Barnatt of 62 Institute Road, Eccleshill, is reported missing since September 26th. Further news concerning him would be gratefully received by his mother who resides at the address stated. He enlisted 17 months ago in the Northumberland Fusiliers and was sent out to Egypt 12 months ago and arrived in France in July, He is an only son and was formerly employed at Manningham Mills. Pte Fred Long, 41 Manor Lane, Shipley, and of the Northumberland Fusiliers, who was recently stated to be dangerously ill, having sustained severe gunshot wounds, is now officially reported to have died of wounds. Pte Long, who was 24 years of age, was the third son of Mr and Mrs H
Long, 2 Birklands Terrace, Shipley and the grandson of the late Mr Thomas Trevethan of Grassington Mince. The deceased soldier joined the colours in April this year and went to France four months ago. Three brothers are serving in the Forces For 14 years he was employed by Mr Grimshaw, grocer, West Cliffe Road, Shipley. Percy Mason, only son of Mrs Mason, 274 Conway St, Birkenhead, and youngest son of Mr Andrew Mason, Horticultural Builder of Birkenhead and Shipley, has been killed in action in France. He was engaged to the daughter of Mr Spencer Waite, the genial
manager of Mr John Blackwood, Pawnbroker, Shipley. Pte Albert Smith of the Green Howards and the eldest son of Mr and Mrs William Smith of 14 Thompson Street, Saltaire, was killed in action on Oct 4th. He joined the army on Feb 2nd and went out to the front in June. He was well known in local football circles and played centre for Shipley Celtics and Keighley Celtics and the Saltaire Road Primitive Methodists AFC. Gunner Harry Town, RFA, the son of Mr and Mrs Leaming Town of 35 Mountain Street, Windhill, was killed in action in France on the 5th of October He joined the army six years before the outbreak of the war when at the age of 18. He was 34 years of age and single. Before joining the army he was employed as a moulder. Pte Walter Walton, who enlisted in the Duke of Wellington’s West Riding Regt two years ago and has been in France 20 months has been buried by a shell. He was wounded in the face and is suffering from shell shock. He has been conveyed to Perth War Hospital where he is now making satisfactory progress. He was wounded in the right hand last June and has also had a bullet through his cap and shrapnel through his sleeve. His home is at No6 Mount Avenue, Eccleshill and prior to enlisting he was employed at Messrs John Pilley & Sons, Union Mills, Eccleshill.
Joseph Barnatt
Fred Long
Percy Mason
Albert Smith
Harry Town
Walter Walton
Casualties in the service of King and Country
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