Friday 4 August 1916
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Sgt Major Harry Barker Eccleshill Decorated
Pte J W Blanshard Eccleshill Killed
Pte Herbert Cawthorne Eccleshill Killed
Rifleman Sydney Gornall Eccleshill Wounded
Cpl Leonard Halford Idle Wounded
Pte Sydney Holdsworth Eccleshill Killed
Pte Albert Mounsey Eccleshill Wounded
Pte George Naylor Idle Sick
Pte Wilfred Powell Idle Dangerously wounded
Sgt W Pullan Undercliffe Wounded
Cpl J Ringrose Greengates Sick
Pte Green Royston Idle Wounded
Pte Thomas Stead Shipley Wounded
Pte Harry Wilkinson Eccleshill Gassed
Sgt Percy Teale Greengates Sick
The toll of casualties continued to dominate some pages of the newspaper. Some men’s stories were given in detail in a Roll of Honour, others were marked by nothing more than a photograph and a caption. It was now more than a month after the Big Push had started so disastrously on the Somme and, as we can see on another page, some of the men who took part are beginning to tell of their experiences.
Pte John Stead Shipley Killed
ROLL OF HONOUR Sgt Major Harry Barker of 13 Mount Street, Eccleshill, has been awarded the Military Cross for distinguished bravery on December 19th while fighting with the 1-6 West Yorks. He was called up at the beginning of the war for he then held the rank of colour sergeant and had served in the Territorials for 14 years. He was drafted to France on April 13th 1915 and received a bullet wound in the left arm in August of the same year. He is an excellent shot and was a member of the team that won the Bingham Trophy three times and the Bingham Shield once. He has won many individual prizes and he holds the Territorial efficiency medal. Pte Robert H Broomhead, Leeds Pals, youngest son of Mr Alfred Broomhead of Thackley, has been missing since July 1st. A letter has been received by his brother, Mr Geo Broomhead, from the chaplain, stating that he is afraid Pte Broomhead has been killed in action. The writer adds: “I feel deeply sorry for you. We have lost a lot of splendid men. Your brother was one of the best” Pte Broomhead was educated at the Saltaire Grammar School and before the war was in the employ of his uncles, Messrs Harry and John Raistrick, who run Brackendale Mills, Thackley. Capt R A Fawcett. The wound received by Capt Fawcett, West Yorks Regt, son of Alderman J E Fawcett of Heron Court, Farnham and Apperley Bridge, has made necessary the amputation of his right leg.
Cpl Leonard Halford, Northumber- land Fusiliers, fourth son of Mr and Mrs Charles Halford, 21 Bradford Road, Idle, was wounded with shrapnel on July 11th and is now in the military hospital at Bramshott, Hants. Pte Sydney Holdsworth, 12 West Yorks, of 6 Mount Avenue, Eccleshill, has been killed. He is an only son and was previously employed in the Co- operative Boot Department at Eccleshill. He has seen service in the trenches and in his latest communication to a friend intimated that he was undergoing severe training to be ready for open warfare. Pte Frederick Hullah, 28, of 3 Peterboro Place, has died of wounds received on 1st July. He joined the 2nd West Yorks last November and having obtained special leave, was married in March this year, going to France shortly afterwards. He was employed for 12 years in the Bradford Waterworks Department in Barkerend Road and was a member of the Eastbrook Brotherhood. Cpl Sydney F Jowett, son of Mr F M Jowett of Bromley House, Nab Wood, Shipley, the well-known Airedale dog fancier and judge, has been wounded in the left arm and left shoulder and is now in hospital at Stourbridge He is in the 1st battalion of the Northumberland Fusiliers, better known as the “Fighting Fifth.” He received his wounds in the Delville Wood. Previously he took part in several great battles including those at Loos and St Eloi. Before joining the army in September 1914, he was in the Thornton branch
of the United Counties Bank. He was a playing member and treasurer of the Moorhead Amateur Association Football Club and was exceedingly popular amongst the other members and the supporters of the club. His  brother, Sec Lieut Henry Armitage Jowett, who has served in the army for five years, was wounded in June. L Cpl, John Bailey Middleton, who was in the 18th battalion of the King’s Royal Rifles, was wounded in the left arm by shrapnel and bullet on July 27th. It was found necessary to amputate the limb at the 8th Casualty Clearance Station and he is now going on as well as can be expected. He had completed a year’s study for the Baptist ministry at Rawdon College before joining the colours and was a former student at the Bradford Grammar School. He resides at 21 West View, Undercliffe. Pte Wilfred Powell, whose mother lives at 13 Union Yard, Idle, has been severely wounded and is in hospital at Rouen. The Rev A E Sidebotham, Vicar of Baildon, writes: “No doubt you have heard from others that your son is in hospital here but I thought perhaps you might like a line from me as chaplain “I saw your dear boy yesterday and considering the nature of his wounds he is getting on as well as can be expected. He is very bright and patient and fairly comfortable, and has not much pain. “I trust it will not be long before he is sent over to England and unless something unforeseen happens, I don’t think it will be very long. He expressly wishes that you will not worry unduly over him and he sends his fondest love to you. He has done
his duty nobly and well and you will ever be proud of him.” Pte Dick Royston, son of Mr H Royston, Springfields, Idle, has been wounded and is now in hospital in Leeds. He was placed hors de combat whilst in Delville Wood, a piece of shell passing right through his thigh. He joined the forces in December 1914, along with his brother Tom, but the latter was subsequently discharged. Previous to the outbreak of war Pte Royston was a colour mixer at the dyeworks in Bradford. Pte John Stead, 37, West Yorks Regt, whose home is at 15 Rosedale St., Valley Road, Shipley, has been killed in action. News to that effect was received by his widow on Wednesday morning. Pte Stead, who was in business as a carting agent, joined the forces in July 1915 and went to the front on Good Friday. The deceased hero who was widely known in the Shipley district, leaves a wife and daughter, eight years of age. Pte Harry Wilkinson, 2 Mount Avenue, Eccleshill, has been gassed He enlisted in the 20th West Yorks and proved to be the crack shot of the regiment He was selected to be a sniper but was afterwards transferred to the company of the Machine Gun Corps where he quickly distinguished himself in the handling of the guns. He is now fighting the Germans. Before joining the army he was an enthusiastic footballer and played with the Idle Old Boys. The army team of which he is a member won the medals while stationed at Grantham. He was employed at Tunwell Mills, Eccleshill