Friday 1 September 1916
A well-deserved tribute was paid Miss Irene M Walton (pictured) of Woodleigh, Calverley on Saturday for the excellent service she has rendered in connection with the local Territorial Branch of the St John Ambulance Association. Since the latter part of 1913 Miss Walton has devoted herself with much enthusiasm to this organisation which she was instrumental in forming. During the absence of Dr Norman Hughes, Miss Walton has filled the post of Honorary Commandant of the Calverley Branch of the Voluntary Aid Detachment and so well has she discharged the duties devolving upon her that at Saturday’s function she was complimented by Dr Hughes, who smilingly admitted that in future he would have to look to his laurels. Miss Walton, who is also captain of the local Girl Guide group, is the life and soul of the ambulance movement in Calverley and it is to be hoped that she will continue to be so.
Praise for tireless St John leader
A special service was held at Shipley Primitive Methodist Chapel in memory of three members of the congregation who have laid down their lives for their country. Pte Tom Horsfall, 24, West Yorkshire Regt, was killed in action on July 1st; Pte Edgar Wilson, 23, Machine Gun Section, killed on August 7th; and L Cpl Albert Hustwit, Machine Gun Section, killed on July 27th. The Shipley Volunteer band attended and so did the Saltaire Corps of Boy Scouts. Last Post Hymns of an appropriate character were sung and the choir gave “Now the labourer’s task is o’er.” At the close of the service the organist, Mr S Heaton, played the Dead March from Saul, after which Capt J Booth sounded the Last Post. Mr Taylor said that this war had revealed some of the worst qualities that ever dwelt in the human heart but it had also revealed some of the best qualities the world had ever known. Learning and knowledge were dependent upon qualities of the heart or knowledge would become the most awful weapon in the hands of the Devil. This war was the flower of the culture of Germany. Her “Kultur” had made the nations weep and would bring about her own ruin. If Germany had given the same attention to heart-culture as she had to mind-culture, she might have opened the gates of the Garden of Eden.
Honouring men taken from their midst
The justice of the plea for the increase of the pensions for a particular class of old people has now been admitted by the Government. The pensions of five shillings a week were fixed when the cost of living was low and now that food has gone up in price to the extent of 50 per cent compared to what it was in pre-war days, it is admitted on all hands that those who are unable to improve their income by getting suitable employment are having to suffer special hardship. Half-crown The Press Bureau has now made the announcement that, in order to assist cases of distress amongst pensioners, they have decided to make up a grant to meet the cost of allowance up to the maximum of an additional half-crown (2s 6d) a week to those suffering special hardships from the high prices of food and other economic conditions arising out of the war. The existing machinery is to be used to give effect to the decision and the exact method by which the grants are to be awarded will be announced later. The Government’s decision will receive general approval.
Welcome news for struggling pensioners
The final of the second annual bowling tournament connected with the Greengates Park Bowling Club (open to all Greengates) was played on Monday evening before an interested company of spectators. The finalists were Messrs Tom Atkinson and Ernest Knowles, both bowlers of local repute. The game was keenly contested and ‘level measuring” was called on no fewer than four occasions during the progress of the game. Eventually Knowles ran out the winner by 21-20. The third and fourth prizes were obtained by Messrs W Walton and F Priestley, respectively.
WINNER: Ernest Knowles
Ernest triumphs in a close-fought final
Shipley Council’s Finance Committee were anxious about the large number of collections being mounted in the area and especially concerned how aggressive national causes could well harm important local schemes. The subject was raised by Cllr Thomas Hill (pictured), chairman of the council,  who said he hoped that the new arrangement by which the Libraries Committee would authorise  ‘Tag’ Days, would help resolve the situation. Hospital “Tag Days should be on a Saturday, appointed by the council, and not every day of the week or every afternoon and morning when anyone turns out of the house,” he said. “It is high time that steps are taken in that direction.” He quoted as an example the previous Saturday which had been allocated by the council as a fund-raiser for the Sir Titus Salt Hospital, but because other groups had collected on the same day, the hospital fund made £32 less than it had the previous year.
“It is a scandalous shame that their committee should have had competition. No one could say a wrong word against what the hospital does in Shipley and there is an energetic committee that does its very best to improve the finances.” The main criticism was of people who were collecting in conjunction with a bazaar to be held at the Victoria Hall which aimed to raise £1,000 to be divided between two national groups, Y.M.C.A and the Queen Mary Needlework Guild. Cllr Hill commended both activities, which provided varied support for serving men, and he felt it was right that Shipley should find ways to support them. But he was afraid that support for these funds was damaging local projects. “We have an expenditure of £10 per week for the maintenance of
Belgian Refugees but our fund is almost depleted,” he said. “There are two committees in Shipley formed to provide comforts for the soldiers and they have the greatest difficulty in maintaining their fund. “It is not that the public are not willing to subscribe to these local funds but so many appeals are being made to them for distinctly national funds that they cannot subscribe to everything. Pestered “These local funds are instituted for the soldiers and sailors and the families of soldiers and sailors who have joined the colours from the town and we must not overlook our duty to these men.” Cllr Rhodes supported him and complained, “every time we go out to the station we are pestered with children collecting for the Y.M.C.A. It is altogether too bad.”
Local ‘Tag’ days more important than national
A large congregation assembled at the Saltaire Wesleyan Church on Saturday last at the wedding of the Rev Francis B Hudson, Wesleyan Minister of Ferry Hill, Durham, to Miss Elsie Mildred Bentley, fourth daughter of Mr Joseph Bentley of Nab Wood, Shipley. The bride, who was given away by her father, was attired in a gown of ivory crepe de chine trimmed with real Brussels lace and pearls. Her veil of Brussels net was caught up with orange blossom and pearls.
Elsie marries Wesleyan minister
Four Baildon residents were summoned at the Otley Police Court on Friday for the non-payment of their district rates and a similar number on account of the poor rate. In one case, it was stated by the collector, nothing had been paid since a year last January and in another case there had been no payment for two years. In most cases, order for committal were made but the orders were suspended for a month in order to give the defaulters an opportunity to meet their liabilities.
Rate defaulters given one month to pay up
Loan for sewage works
Baildon District Council has received the sanction of the Local Government Board for the borrowing of £170 for completing the extension of the sewage disposal works at Esholt Lane. The clerk has been authorised to negotiate a loan for the amount. A sum of £1,310 has been previously spent on the undertaking.
Shipley’s tons of rubbish
During the month of July, 326 tons of refuse were destroyed at the Shipley Destructor Works, producing 109 tons of clinker. The meat inspector, Mr S Bradley, reported that in five weeks he had examined 784 carcases at the slaughterhouse, 780 of which were found to be perfectly sound.
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