Friday 30 November 1917
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Left-right: Mr and Mrs Charles Hall, 83 Park Road, Thackley and formerly of High Street, Idle, who have three sons, a daughter and two sons-in-law serving with the forces. Pte Charles Stones, son-in-law, joined the Bradford Pals and went to France nearly three years ago. He was brought back for munition work. His address is Mount Pleasant, Idle. Driver Fred Hall (34) has been in the army for three years and has been at the Front almost the whole of
that time. He recently returned home on leave. He is married with a wife and three children who reside at Cardiff. Sapper Walter Hall (32), R.E., of Mount Pleasant, Idle, married, has joined up recently. Before donning khaki he was employed at the Esholt Sewage Works. Pte Tom Hall (25), West Yorks Regt., has been at the Front for ten months. He also was employed at the Esholt Sewage Works.
Miss Mary Elizabeth Hall of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps, is now in France. She was formerly connected with the Salvation Army and when the band became depleted owing to the call of the war, she became an instrumentalist and proved an excellent musician. She likes the work  very well and the only thing she regrets is being away from home. Pte Dick Allsop of Bradford Road, Idle, son-in-law of Mr and Mrs Hall, is in the West Yorks. He has been in France and has been wounded.
L-R: Driver N Ramsbottom, 25 Hebden Street, Shipley, sick in hospital; Pte Noble Metcalfe, 5 Mount Place, Shipley, Scottish Fusiliers, killed in action; Gunner W S Beaumont, Brackendale, Thackley, killed in action; Chief Gunner W Tradewell, Calverley, saved from torpedoed ship.
We regret to have to report that Pte Jonathan Fawcett of the Seaforth Highlanders, whose home is at 27 Kitson Street, Windhill Crag, is reported wounded and missing. He has twice been wounded before. Pte Fawcett returned to the front last December after having recovered from wounds received on the Somme. He joined the colours in 1915 and was formerly employed at Scott Engineering Co Ltd, the motorcycle manufacturers, Saltaire.  Pte Fawcett who was 40 years of age, was married. He has three brothers serving abroad.
Wounded and missing
Bombardier Harry B Greenwood of 641 Undercliffe Road, Eccleshill, who has been out in France two years with the Royal Field Artillery, was killed in action on November 10th. In writing home to the parents of the deceased soldier, Capt W H Turner says: “it is a great grief to me to inform you that your son has been killed in action. During an attack by our troops, your son, along with another signaller and an officer, was manning a signal station. “They were struck almost by a direct hit with a shell and your son and the officer were killed instantly. We buried him on the spot and erected a cross over his grave. I wish to express to you the deep sympathy of all the officers and men and to assure you his death is a great loss to the battery.” The deceased soldier was in the Territorials before the war and was a woolsorter by trade. He was 23 years of age.
Territorial killed in action
L Cpl Cyril Styles of 12 Mount Avenue, Eccleshill, died of wounds in France on 1st November. He was in the Machine gun Corps and enlisted in August 1914. After serving ten months in France he was badly gassed and spent nine months in Ireland recovering from the effects. Before being badly wounded he had done another 11 months service at the front and was 21 years of age at the time of his death. All four of his brothers were in the army and one of the first to fall in battle from Eccleshill district was his elder brother, Pte Charlie Styles.
Killed after returning to the fight
Suffering from shell shock
We regret to have to report that Cpl Henry Hainsworth Kelley, only son of Mr and Mrs J S Kelley of Firecroft, Shipley, died of wounds in France on 20th November. At the outbreak of war he was already in camp with the Territorials (Leeds Rifles) and later he went out with the R.A.M.C detachment from Shipley. After serving nearly a year in France he came home time expired and after a few months at home rejoined last summer. Injured him severely He was sent out to France in December and his parents learnt last Thursday afternoon that whilst at the dressing station dug-out at Ypres, a shell burst and injured him severely in thigh and calf. At the time it was thought that the wounds were not so serious but unfortunately two days later he died from the effects of them in St John’s Hospital, Etaples.. He had some time ago put in his application for a commission. This had been arranged and his parents had news from him last week that he expected very soon to be home on leave and in training for becoming an officer. Cpl Kelley was 24 years of age.
Killed just before he was due home
Mr and Mrs Hodgson of 59 Mount Terrace, Eccleshill, have been officially notified that their son, Gunner Harold Hodgson, was killed in action on 16th October. Sgt F J Squire sent a letter of condolence in which he says: “I have been his sergeant over two years and always found him a quiet and cheerful lad who did his duty without any sense of fear. “All the men were most sorry to hear of his death and wished me to express their sympathy to you. I hope that when all sorrows end that you will see each other again.” Gunner Hodgson was 24 years of age and had been in France over two years. He was formerly employed by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway company at the Bradford depot. Two of his brothers are serving in France.
Cheerful lad KIA
Treated in a Welsh castle
Pte A W Pemberton, only son of Mr and Mrs W Pemberton of Wrose View, Baildon, is now an inmate of Dunraven Castle, Wales, suffering from wounds. Pte Pemberton was previously wounded in September last year and is in the Duke of Wellington’s. He enlisted in February 1915 and after being initiated in the arts of soldiering at Clipstone, he first went to France in the following June.
We regret to learn that Rifleman H Pyett of 13 Castle Road, Shipley, is in hospital in France, suffering from shell shock. Rifleman Pyett is the brother of Mr C F Pyett who has done such valuable work in the district since the outbreak of hostilities.
Pte Jesse Rennison, who up to enlisting was the esteemed choirmaster at the Eccleshill Primitive Methodist Chapel, is ill in hospital in France with trench fever. He has been six months on active service and his home is at 484 Leeds Road, Thackley.
Choirmaster is ill
Salts OB killed in action
Bombardier Melville E Wright, 94 Great Horton Road, Bradford and late of Saltaire, has been killed in action. Writing to his parents, Lieut Knowles says: “Your boy was highly valued by us all, for he always discharged his important duties as a signaller with conspicuous ability.” Bmdr Wright enlisted at the age of 17 and served 2½ years. He was an old boy of Salt’s School and before enlisting was on the staff of Refuge Insurance Co.
We regret to have to record the death of Mr Fred Rhodes, eldest son of Mr tom Rhodes, Harrogate Road, Greengates, who died last Monday as a result of wounds received in France. Fred Rhodes went out to Canada 16 years ago. Joining the forces there he came over to the continent with the Canadian Highlanders. He has been home in Greengates on a short leave. A Military funeral will probably be held on Saturday.
Emigre dies at home
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