Friday 21 September 1917
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L-R: Driver Charles Harrison, son of Mr Wm Harrison, draper, Shipley; Pte Joe Newton, 30 Intake Road, Undercliffe, wounded; Rifleman Fred Pickard, late of Windhill, killed; Pte Walter Sharp, 9 Dockfield Road, Shipley, in hospital in Scotland; Pte John William Ward, grandson of Mr and Mrs Ward, 9 Moorside Road, Eccleshill, awarded Military Medal; un-named soldier, all details missing.
Mrs Carroll of 3 Beldon Place, Idle Road, Undercliffe, is the mother of four sons and there are also three sons-in-law who have rendered splendid service for their King and Country in this time of national crisis. Though 60 years of age, Mrs Carroll is still vigorous and very proud of the family record. When families have given of their best and bravest it is hardly to be expected that all will pass safely through the ordeal of war and Mrs Carroll has been called upon to take her share of sorrow by the loss of two of her sons, the wounding of another and one of her sons-in-law is also in hospital with a bullet wound in his thigh. Called Taken in order of age, the record of the sons is as follows: Sgt Michael Carroll, 38, served with the Royal Garrison Artillery eight years before the outbreak of war and
being on the reserve at the commencement of hostilities, was immediately called to take his place with the guns. He has served over two years in France and so far has come through without a scratch. Pte John Carroll, who was in the Scottish Borderers, served in France two years and during that period was wounded three times and was eventually killed on July 31st this year. He was a single young man and 28 years of age. Cpl William Carroll, 24, was in the Royal Garrison Artillery and proving himself a good shot was presented with the cross guns badge and also the good conduct stripe. After completing his training he was sent to France but was only there a few weeks when he was killed in
action on May 4th this year Pte Joseph Carroll is in the West Riding Regt and was sent out to the Dardanelles where he was wounded. On recovering from his injuries he was sent to France and was again wounded and is now at the front for the third time. He is 22 years of age. Decorator Pte Harrison Ashforth, son-in-law, is in the West Yorks and after six weeks service in France received a bullet wound in the thigh on May 3rd and is still in hospital. Before joining the colours he was in business for himself as a decorator. Pte Thomas Mulligan, son-in-law, has been four months in France with the Army Ordnance. Mr William Medley, son-in-law, has been engaged in munitions at Leather’s, Canal Road, Bradford, chemical manufacturer since the works were taken over by the Government. He has been employed by the same firm for 23 years.
Woman who is proud of her family’s service
“Mrs Carroll has been called upon to take her share of sorrow by the loss of two of her sons, the wounding of another and one of her sons-in-law is also in hospital with a bullet wound in his thigh.”
Saddler C Lonsdale, R.F.A., only son of the late Mr Thomas Lonsdale, of Windhill, is in hospital at Southampton with dysentery. He has been serving since December 1914.
Windhill man in hospital
Pte Charles Mawson, who while living at 12 Friendly Street, Leeds Road, Windhill, enlisted three years ago last September and went out to France in April 1915, has been killed. Pte Mawson was a native of Hull and came to live in Windhill five years ago, being employed by Mr Ramsey, boat builder. He was a married man with one child. Writing to Mrs Mawson from France on September 9th, Capt J Horden says: “It is with the deepest regret I write to inform you of your husband’s death. He was killed by a shell. Death was instantaneous and he would not have suffered at all. Please accept my very deepest sympathy and that of his friends who were numerous in this company. I have known him for some considerable time and assure you his death is a great loss to us all.” Closest friend Another letter is from Sec Lieut G Ambler: “I deeply regret to have to tell you that your husband, Pte C Mawson, was killed on the night of Saturday the 8th. He was on the working party in a town just behind the line when a shell burst near, killing instantaneously your husband and another, seriously wounding Pte Carroll, your husband’s closest friend, and wounding two others. “He had been under my command for a considerable time and I have always found him a very willing and capable Lewis gunner – one with whom I am very loth to part. All his comrades join with me in offering you our deepest sympathy in the great loss you have so suddenly sustained and hope it may be to you some slight consolation that he died as he has lived, a soldier. “Unfortunately I was not able to see him buried this morning but he was buried with full military honours at the R.C.Church by Capt McGuiness our R.C. Padre.”
Windhill boatbuilder killed in action
At a meeting of the Shipley District Council last night, Pte W Abberton of Rosebery Avenue, Windhill, was presented with the Military Medal. The matter had been overlooked by the military authorities and the medal was forwarded to Shipley in order that it might be formally handed to the gallant soldier by Cllr Thomas Hill, chairman of the District Council. Pte Abberton is associated with the Shipley Roman Catholic Church and naturally his fellow members there are proud of him.
Overlooked medal presented at council
Gunner Thomas Holgate, elder son of Mrs Holgate, 22 Woodbine Terrace, Idle, is in hospital at Leicester, suffering from shell shock. The battery with which he was connected has been in one of the hottest corners on the Western front and has sustained severe losses. Gunner Holgate considers himself fortunate in coming out alive. Before joining the army, Gunner Holgate had charge of a botanical brewery at Cleckheaton but his wife and family now reside at Eccleshill. Brother His brother, Driver Harry Holgate is with the motor transport in France. Previous to donning khaki, Harry was in business in Leeds as a botanical brewer and he was particularly successful. His wife and two children now reside with Mr and Mrs John Hollows of Fairhaven, Bare, Morecambe, who are Mrs Holgate’s brother-in-law and sister.
Brewer suffering from shell shock
More than 2,000 men serving from Shipley
It is estimated that there are now over 2,000 men from the Shipley district serving with the forces and the local Comforts Fund is in need of support in order that the men may each receive a parcel. There was a street collection today with the object of assisting the fund.
Lieut J W Warburton, youngest son of the late Police Superintendent Warburton of Otley and formerly of Shipley, who joined the army as a private in the early stages of the war, has been promoted to the rank of captain. Two brothers are serving with the forces.
From Private to Captain
Missing man is PoW
Pte W J Sanderson who has been missing since July 31st, has now sent a postcard to his wife, who resides at 11 Briar Garth, Baildon, to inform her that he is wounded in the thigh and a prisoner of war in Germany. Pte Sanderson enlisted in the Durham Light Infantry in June 1916 and after training at Hornsea, was drafted to France in September 1916. Encounters His youngest brother, Owen, has been serving in France in the Duke of Wellington’s Regt for two and a half years and has been fortunate enough to escape without any injury whatever to the present time although he has taken part in many stiff encounters with the enemy.
In praise of our airmen
Local men who made the ultimate sacrifice
Mrs Carver, 41 Kitson Street, Windhill, has received official word that her husband, Pte Willie Carver,  was killed instantaneously on September 1st. Pte Carver was 36 years of age. He joined the colours nine months ago, being then employed by Garth and Rix, painters and paperhangers, Windhill Bridge. He leaves four children. Official intimation has been received of the death in action on August 1st of Gunner William Mawson, R.G.A. Gunner Mawson was 41 years of age and the second son of Mr and Mrs Mawson, 106 Union Street, Shipley. Shipley Gas He was employed at the Shipley Gas works for 21 years before he was ‘called up.’ Gunner Charles Henry Mould who enlisted in the Royal Field Artillery two years ago and has been in France since last Whitsuntide, was killed at his post of duty on August 15th He was 40 years of age and was formerly employed at John Pilley and Sons, Union Mills, Eccleshill. His home is at 22 Chapel Street and he leaves a widow and a young daughter Three brothers of Mrs Mould are in the army. Pte Harold Bailey, Northumberland Fusiliers, and of 58 New Street, Idle, has been officially reported killed in action. Prior to enlistment he was employed by Procter Bros, wire works, Cheapside, Bradford.
Cpl Fred Badman of Idle has come home on leave after having spent about nineteen months in France. He has been working with a supply column for troops on the Somme and whilst out there he has come across many lads from this district including Driver Charles Harrison and Pte Arthur Leach. He says that not so many German aeroplanes come over the English lines as formerly. Swoop down Our men are particularly brave and delight in having a flight over the Huns and not infrequently they swoop down until they are within 100 yards of the German soldiers and attack them with machine guns. In this kind of fighting the English airmen are particularly clever. Long since they have outclassed the Huns in air fighting.
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