Friday 8-11-1918
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POSTPONEMENT OF SOCIAL Owing to so many of the children being ill with influnza, MRS BISHOP’S CHILDREN CONCERT will be POSTPONED until 30th November. It was to have taken place on Saturday next, 9th November, at Mrs Hunter’s Social for Soldiers’ and  Sailors’ Comforts Fund at the Church Schools Windhill.
Father and daughter succumb to flu
The second wave of the flu pandemic that killed up to 100 million people world wide, came just as the war was coming to an end. Its effects are thought to have been so catastrophic because of the hardships people had suffered in the war weakening their resistance. Influenza, complicated by pneumonia, has had dreadful effects at a Tong Park home. The father and a baby have succumbed and five other members of the household are laid up in bed and are under medical care. The mother has had an attack but is now out again. The head of the family, William Bainbridge, an iron turner of Ford Houses, died on Saturday and his youngest child,
Hilda Bainbridge, aged a year and seven months, had died on the previous day. Both were interred at the Charlestown Cemetery on Tuesday. Nurse confined to bed Yesterday all the remaining members of the family, with the exception of the mother, were ill in bed and the children’s grandmother, who came from Otley to nurse them, was also down with the complaint and was confined to bed. The children’s ages range from eight to three. Before going to live at Tong Park, Mr and Mrs Bainbridge lived at Whetley Hill, Manningham and Mr Bainbridge’s parents, before removing to Otley, lived at Saltaire.
Among the victims of the influenza epidemic is Mrs Roberts, wife of Lieut Harry Roberts (pictured) and the daughter-in- law of Sir James Roberts. Lieut and Mrs Roberts were only married last May, the bride being Miss Dorothy Partington, a Cheshire lady. The couple met at a London military hospital where Lieut Roberts was a patient with wounds received in action and his bride a nurse.
Spoken of as a fine, quiet and studious boy, full of promise, Mark Nelson Stock, third son of the Rev F J T Stock, curate in charge of St John’s Church, Idle, and of Mrs Stock, passed away on Sunday afternoon after an illness of less than a week. On the previous Tuesday he was at work as an apprentice for Mr R J Atkinson, chemist, The Green, Idle. Complaining of feeling out of sorts, he was put to bed and carefully tended but influenza developed into double septic pneumonia. He was in his 16th year and had been educated at Carlton Street Secondary School, Bradford, where he was a scholarship holder. He was a chorister at St John’s Church. Children With the exception of the eldest son, Pte Frank Stock, who joined up seven months ago and is at the front with the Sherwood Foresters, all the children have been stricken with influenza. The first to be attacked, a boy of seven, is now recovered and able to run about but Miss Stock and Reggie, aged 17, are still seriously ill. The parents’ bereavement was alluded to at the Parish Church on Sunday night by the vicar, the Rev W T Forster, who said he was sure the bereaved parents would have the prayers and sympathy of all. The funeral took place at the Parish Churchyard on Wednesday afternoon. Services were conducted at the house and the church by the vicar.
Curate’s son dies aged 16
After practically recovering from wounds received in action, Pte Charles Cooke, Essex Regt, aged 27, of Bransbrook Farm, Nacton, near Ipswich, died at St Titus Salt’s Hospital, Saltaire, on Tuesday from double pneumonia set up by influenza. Convalescing He had been at St Luke’s Hospital, Bradford, for a year and about two months ago he was transferred to Sir Titus Salt’s Hospital to convalesce but took influenza on 28th October. He was a single man. The body has been removed for interment at Ipswich. Driver Cyril Henry Wilson, ASC, second son of Mr and Mrs Frederick G Wilson of 4 Bankfield Road, Nab Wood, died in hospital from influenza on 27th October.
Many people are laid up with influenza and pneumonia and on Tuesday a well-known young man, Mr John Maurice Worth, of 26 Alexandra Road, Shipley, died from the latter complaint which followed an attack of influenza. He had been ill eleven days. Wife He leaves a wife, whom he married three years ago, and he was the elder of the two sons of P.C. and Mrs J H Worth of 22 Belmont Crescent, Shipley. P.C. Worth has been in the Bradford West Riding Division, 25 years this month and for the last 13 years has been stationed at Shipley. The deceased was employed at an engineering shop in Bradford and was 26 years of age. He is to be interred at Nab Wood Cemetery tomorrow.
Soldiers killed by the flu
Policeman’s son dies
Schools closing
Trade Unionist dies after just five days’ ilness
Trade Unionists throughout Shipley will learn with surprise and regret that Mr Frank W Upstone, secretary to the local Trades and Labour Council, passed away early on Wednesday morning after five days’ illness, a victim to influenza and pneumonia. A native of the Tewkesbury district, Gloucestershire, and 25 years of age, he was a platelayer on the Midland Railway at Shipley and had been in the town for just over five years, lodging with Mr and Mrs James Scott at 33 Kirkgate. Ambitions With his quiet and reserved ways he was a likeable fellow and in every respect he seemed typical of the country lad who comes to town to find scope for his ideas and ambitions. The funeral will take place at Tewkewsbury. Mr W C Denton is acting as secretary of the Trades Council for the time being.
Officials back at work
Their many public and private friends will be glad to learn that yesterday Cllr T Hill, JP, chairman of Shipley Urban Council, and Mr I Lindow, Clerk to the Council, were much improved in health following sharp attacks of influenza which laid them aside from business a few days ago.
Married six months
On account of the influenza epidemic, Thorpe Council School, Idle Church School, Thackley Council School and the Evening School are among the numerous schools in Bradford which have been closed until 18th November.
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