Friday 1 February 1918
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The Saltaire Mills, together with the village of Saltaire, have been disposed of by Sir James Roberts. On Friday morning the following announcement, in which Sir James bids farewell to his employees, was posted upon the gates of the mills: “In consequence of a serious breakdown in my health, I am reluctantly compelled, with much regret, to sever my connection with Saltaire. “In accordance with my usual practice, I should like to meet you face to face to tell you this but such a meeting is, in my present state of health, impossible. Steadfast loyalty “I thank you for your steadfast loyalty during the 25 years of my work at Saltaire. We have rejoiced together on happy occasions and we have been upheld by your sympathy in the bereavements we have suffered. “These 25 years have been full of strenuous and enjoyable labour, for it is true that life’s highest pleasures
depend upon the steady execution of life’s duties. “But at the entrance of my seventieth year of life I feel that the time has come for me to rest and my medical advisers urge upon me the absolute necessity of immediate relief from all business responsibilities. “My last message to you all is one of sincere thanks for the co-operation and continued support which you have given to me and mine in the great enterprise at Saltaire. “Yours very sincerely, James Roberts.” New owners The new owners are James Hill and Sons (Sir James Hill, M.P. and Mr Albert Hill), Mr Henry Whitehead and Mr Ernest H Gates and by the agreement which was completed on Thursday, after negotiations for several months, the change is to be effected today. All of the new owners are well known in Bradford and district as amongst the leaders in the trade with which the city is identified. Between the three firms who have become the new proprietors the worsted industry is represented from
the raw material to the fully manufactured article. Worsted trade The firm of James Hill and Sons is the largest firm of topmakers in the world; Mr Henry Whitehead is more particularly identified with the spinning branch of the worsted trade, owning large mills at Young Street, Bradford, and also at Heckmondwike; and Mr E H Gates is chiefly engaged in the manufacturing department, with places of business in Bradford, Bingley and Keighley. The manging directors for the new proprietors will be Mr Henry Whitehead, Mr E H Gates and Mr Arthur James Hill. The purchase does not, however, include the Shipley and Baildon estates of Saltaire Park, Milner Field and the Knoll which are retained by Sir James Roberts. On the occasion of his sale of Saltaire Mills, Sir James Roberts is making grants of War Loan Certificates as follows in recognition of continuous service of employees: Service of 25 years and upwards, £25; 20-25 years, £20; 15-20 years, £15; 10-15 years, £10; 5-10 years, £5; 1-5 years, £1. Men who have left and joined the army or navy are eligible and the period of national service will count.
Failing health forces Sir James Roberts    to sell Saltaire Mills and village
At the Otley Police Court on Friday, five youthful mill hands, each of whom was about 14 years of age, were charged with shop-breaking and also with stealing 5lb of assorted sweets, a number of bottles of mineral water and other goods from a lock-up shop in Shipley Glen, the property of Mr Arthur Hartley, confectioner of Manningham. Mr Hartley stated that he locked up the shop and left it all right on Sunday 20th January and when he returned on the following Tuesday he found the floor of the shop littered with sweets and the mineral water missing. Bottles clinking Mr Edgar Fell, assistant clerk to the Bradford City Justices, stated that he was passing the shop when he heard the sound of bottles clinking. There were also some bottles of mineral water outside the door. He went into the shop and found the boys inside. Subsequently he informed the police. The chairman of magistrates, Mr T A Duncan, commended Mr Fell in the action he had taken in assisting the police and in getting hold of the boys. The defendants were each fined £1.
Caught breaking into shop
A well-deserved tribute was paid by Mr Thomas Hill, chairman of Shipley District Council, to the faithful services rendered during the past 17 years by its Clerk, Mr Isaac Lindow. A fortnight ago Mr Lindow slipped on the ice at the rear of his house and suffered rather severe injuries. Before that he had been struggling to discharge his manifold duties in spite of being run down in health. For the first time on Tuesday he was unable to attend the Council meeting. This itself should be something of a record but Cllr Hill observed that the same remark could almost be made with regard to committee meetings. Of the meetings of Council committees, the military tribunal and the many war-work institutions the number is legion and yet Mr Lindow has been regular in his attendance at them all.
So regularly did he attend them that it is now usual to hear members say that meetings are not like they used to be because Mr Lindow is absent. In addition, he has been a sort of lay adviser to all those dependents of soldiers and sailors requiring help towards securing their rightful allowances and prompt payment thereof. Sympathy and goodwill In view of his faithful discharge of all the duties to which we have referred and of the extreme courtesy he always shows to everybody, it was but fitting that the Council should pass a resolution of sympathy and goodwill. By the way, Mr Lindow is making steady progress towards complete recovery.
“Of the meetings of Council committees, the military tribunal and the many war-work institutions the number is legion and yet Mr Lindow has been regular in his attendance at them all.”
Council praise for injured, dedicated Clerk
An enjoyable whist drive and dance promoted with the object of raising funds for the club took place in the Liberal Club on Tuesday evening. Eighteen tables were occupied at the whist drive and Mr R Bottomley officiated as M.C. Prizes The prizes were won by: Ladies – 1st Miss L Jennings, 2nd Mrs J Dyson. Gentlemen – 1st Mr A Foster, 2nd Mr S Jowett. Later dancing took place and Miss Annie Nixon provided the music whilst Mr R Bottomley again served as Master of Ceremonies. The event was well patronised.
Whist drive and dancing raise Liberal Club funds
The soldiers’ and sailors’ fund committee sent out a gift of 5s to each Shipley soldier and sailor at Christmas time instead of the usual parcels. Altogether 2,283 post office orders have been sent, 25 to prisoners of war and ten to members of the WAAC and nurses. Up to date the acknowledgements number 1,731 and replies are still being received. On all sides the form of the gift has been gratefully and appreciatively commented on and the gifts were heartily welcomed. The names and addresses of 50 men have lately been received who have not had a gift sent, as for various reasons the men could not previously furnish definite and reliable addresses. A gift is being sent to each of these in due course.
Xmas postal orders well received
CALVERLEY URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL APPLICATIONS are invited for positions as Roadmen for the District. 10d per hour will be paid to suitable men. Apply in writing, stating age, present employment and place of residence to William Walker, Surveyor, Council Offices, Calverley. RAZORS RE-SHARPENED to that lasting smooth clean shaving edge HARRY FIRTH SALTAIRE TRAM TERMINUS ASTROLOGY - Reliable Life Horoscope, Future Events, Marriage Partner described, Changes, Journeys, Legacies, Lucky Days, Planet etc; send Birth-date, 1s P.O., stamped envelope - Madame Gordon, 8 Heriot Place, Edinburgh. EDISON Standard PHONOGRAPH, two speed gear, good as new, 25s; also small Organ £5. T Holmes, 44 Westgate, Shipley PEN OF BREEDING TURKEYS for sale, Lord Rothschild’s strain - Apply by letter, Percy L Carroll, Woodcot, Baildon Green
Two hand looms have been lent from the Shipley Technical School to the committee of the Bradford Khaki Handicrafts Club for use in instructing soldiers suffering from shell shock in the art of hand-loom weaving.
Hand-loom weaving for shell shocked soldiers
Poetry reward for Willie
Willie Hoyle, of 33 Mount Terrace, Eccleshill, was the recipient on Sunday of a handsome volume of Tennyson’s poems for attending every service held at the United Methodist Sunday School for the past five years. Mr Laughlin, superintendent, made the presentagion and complimented the lad on his loyalty.
Dialect columnist, Bob Stubbs, wrote: Last Setterda’ neet when aw wor comin’ darn t’tahn, Aw met two owd maates o’mine – respectable workin’ men they booath are – an’ we stood all three on us together agent t’booit shop, tawkin’ politics. Then wun thing to anuther, we gat to workin’ men’s clubs. “That’s just what we’re short on i’ Idle – a workin’ man’s club, wheer workers can meet an’ tawk politics, laike a game at billyards, smook a pipe o’twist, an’ soop a pint o’ale.” Saltaire Rooad T’other chap said: “Hi! It’s just what’s been wanted a long while. They’ve a workin’ man’s club on Saltaire Rooad at Shipla – why nut wun at Idle?” They seemed i’ fair gooid eearnest abart it, did t’chaps; bud whether it’ll come to owt Aw dooan’t knaw. It depends whether theer’s a demand ameng workin’ men for owt o’ t’sooart. Idle Working Men’s Club opened ten years later in  1928
What Idle needs is a working men’s club
Mr John Bailey of Windhill was on Saturday presented with a gold watch and chain by the members of the Windhill Liberal Club as a token of esteem on the completion of 21 year service as secretary of the club. And on Tuesday by he was elected by Shipley District Council as successor to the late Mr Thomas Barker, one of the representatives of the East Ward. Assisting It is appropriate that after assisting materially to secure the return of many Liberal candidates in the past, Mr Bailey should now have a safe and easy election on to the Council himself. We congratulate Mr Bailey on his election and feel sure that to use his own words, he will do his utmost to serve the best interests of the ratepayers as a whole.
Big week for Windhill Liberal Club secretary
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