Friday 7 June 1918
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Of the ladies and gentlemen presented to the King and Queen at the Midland Railway Station, Shipley, on 29th May, when their Majesties visited Shipley and the Saltaire Mills, we have been able to obtain photographs for reproduction of the following who were presented in this order: Cllr Thomas Hill, J.P. (chairman of the Urban Council), Mrs T Hill, Mr Isaac Lindow (clerk to the Council), Mrs Lindow, Cllr C E Learoyd (chairman of the Education Committee), Mrs Learoyd, Mr W Popplestone (director of Education), Mrs Popplestone, Lady Denby (president of the Shipley Branch of the Queen Mary Needlework Guild), Mrs F W Rhodes (vice president), Dr W H Ellis, J.P. (chairman East Morley Division), Sir Ellis Denby J.P., County Alderman Dunn, J.P., Mr John A Burton, J.P., and County Cllr Ernest Illingworth, J.P.
Cllr and Mrs Thomas Hill
Mr and Mrs Isaac Lindow
Cllr and Mrs C E Learoyd
Mr and Mrs W Popplestone
Mrs F W Rhodes
Dr W H Ellis
Lord and Lady Ellis Denby
Alderman Dunn
Mr John Burton
Cllr Ernest Illingworth
The chairman of Shipley Urban Council, Cllr Thomas Hill, has received the following letter: Royal Train, 29th May 1918. Dear Mr Hill, I am desired to assure you what a pleasure it was to the King and Queen to pass through the thickly populated centre of Shipley and Saltaire today and to receive from the inhabitants so loyal a welcome. Their Majesties were glad to have this opportunity of becoming acquainted with the activity displayed by all classes in your district. The happy faces and ringing cheers of the children along the route were special features in the day’s programme while the arrangements of the police, assisted by the special constables were admirable in every respect. Yours very truly, Clive Wigram.
It was reported in Shipley Council that the Shipley Women’s Liberal Association had passed a resolution protesting against the action of the Council in ‘refusing’ to appoint a full-time health visitor. A letter was read from the Local Government Board on the subject, stating that in consequence of the Council’s decision, they had addressed a letter to the west Riding County Council, asking them to consider the question of including Shipley in their scheme for maternity and child welfare in the West Riding. Never refused Cllr Reynolds said: “The Council have never yet refused to appoint a full-time health visitor. We have put it off because we think the time is not opportune at present to appoint one. “Some of us think that there ought to be a better co-ordination of the health services of the town as it would give
better results for less expenditure. That would meet all the requirements of the Local Government Board. “We take strong objection to the Board writing to the West Riding County Council and we are asking our Clerk to write a letter protesting against this action of the Board. “We can manage this work as well as other work – such as elementary education – which would have been delegated to the County Council, and if we are given time we can arrange for this work to be done. “If a proper scheme is submitted I am sure that before long a full-time health visitor will be in operation in Shipley, I hope under the jurisdiction of the Council.”
The Council received support for their view in the newspaper’s editorial comment page: We cannot say that we have noticed the Council are all parochial. It seems to us that they have a modern way of looking at things and that is none the less the case because a small majority of them happen to see two sides to a question and eventually outvote it for the time being. Importance When we commented on the defeat of the proposal for the appointment of a full-time health visitor we expressed the view that the importance of the subject was such that more would be heard of it as time went on. The success of the amendment was probably due principally to the fact that the supporters of the proposition had not developed their case as much as they might have done.
“If a proper scheme is submitted I am sure that before long a full-time health visitor will be in operation in Shipley.”
Health visitor question raises Council hackles
The Council received a letter from the Shipley Food Control Committee complaining of the action of the Shipley grocers who had recently changed the half-holiday from Wednesday to Saturday. The effect of this alteration, it was alleged, was that a large number of persons who received their weekly wages on Friday nights and Saturday mornings were unable to do their shopping. Hardship The Food Control Committee asked the Council to use their influence to get a reversion to the Wednesday half-holiday. It was resolved that a letter be addressed to the Shipley Tradesmen’s Association and to the shopkeepers who have made the change, calling attention to the hardship inflicted upon the public by the alteration and asking them to take such action as would prevent the public being inconvenienced.
Shopkeepers urged to reverse switch to Saturday half holidays
To prevent any confusion such as occurred in March when the Shipley Urban Council were on the point of applying for powers to increase the cost of gas, we had better explain what the position has been and is in connection with that matter. When the Council desired to raise the maximum from 4s 2d to 6s 3d a thousand, most people misunderstood the drift of things. Practical They thought the Council wanted to jump the price up to 6s 3d. That was not the intention at all and a statement to that effect was made at the public inquiry on 13th March. This is substantiated now in the most practical manner. The Local Government Board has so sanctioned a rise in the maximum to 5s 5d which the Council could legalise in the usual way, no doubt, but they have preferred not to take advantage of the position and are only sending up the charge from 4s 2d to 5s 2d as from 1st July.
Council not imposing full gas rise
New class for special needs
It was reported to the Shipley Education Committee on Monday that the special class for mentally defective children, styled ‘The Central Temporary Mentally Defective Council School,’ was opened on 1st May and was approved for the accommodation of twenty children. There were twelve children now in attendance and two others were expected shortly. Miss M B Booth is head teacher of the class. Cllr Bateson asked in Council, “Who gave it the name ‘Temporary’?”  to which Mr W Popplestone, replied: “The Board of Education. It is not ours.”
Samuel Anderson of 15 High Fold, Baildon, was at the Bradford City Police Court on Wednesday committed for trial at the next Quarter Sessions on a charge of obtaining money from Fanny Emsley, 1 Sunny Bank, Daisy Hill by false pretences. It was alleged that the accused called at Sunny Bank and after speaking about fowls and poultry food, said he had kept hens but had sold out. No change He mentioned that he had a quantity of food for disposal and under the pretence of going to see Mr Emsley, he went away. He returned and told Mrs Emsley that her husband had arranged to take the poultry food which he would deliver the following day. The price was stated to be 16s but as Mrs Emsley had no change she gave him a £1 note and told him to bring the change with the food. The accused disappeared and was not seen again until arrested. The food was not delivered.
Baildon man charged with poultry food con
Boy caught in Dowley Gap undercurrent
Joseph Metcalfe, the 13-year-old son of Charles Metcalfe, an overlooker of Mount View, Ferncliffe, Bingley, entered the Leeds and Liverpool Canal at Dowley Gap for a swim last Friday night. Playmate To his playmate on the bank he shouted that there was an undercurrent from the locks. In a few minutes he had disappeared. At the inquest it was stated that neither of the boys could swim and verdict of ‘accidentally drowned’ was returned.
A Shipley jury on Saturday at the Carnegie Hall, returned a verdict of ‘natural causes’ regarding the death in bed the previous day of Helena Frances Foster, a Bradford widow aged 60, who was staying with her sister at 34 Valley Street, Windhill. Dr Anderson and a niece of the deceased gave evidence.
Died at her sister’s
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