Friday 12 July 1918
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A promising career has been cut short by the drowning fatality which occurred at Colwyn Bay on Sunday morning when a couple of boys living at Idle went into the sea for a dip and one of them, Stanley McClelland, was seized with a cramp and was drowned. The deceased was the only son of Mr and Mrs Z McClelland of the George Hotel, Leeds Road, Idle, The sad affair has caused a painful sensation in the Idle and Thackley district where Stanley had hosts of young friends. Test his strokes He went to Colwyn Bay on Saturday for a week’s holiday with his chum, the 17-year-old son of Mrs Robinson, also of Leeds Road, Idle. Mrs Robinson is a friend of Mrs McClelland and she accompanied the boys on the holiday. The deceased could only swim a little
and he probably thought he would like to test his strokes in the sea as he was a progressive minded lad with an aptitude for most things that appealed to him. Scholar He was regarded as having a rosy future. From the Thorpe School at Idle he had won a scholarship at the Bell Vue School, City, and in addition to being a good scholar he was one of the finest athletes at Belle Vue. No kind of sport seemed to come amiss to him and at the school sports a week or two ago he won the high jump, clearing 4½ feet and he threw a 5½oz cricket ball a distance of 80 yards. He was also successful in some of the other events. He was 5ft 8½in in height and he cut a splendid figure marching at the head of the troop of Scouts connected with the Idle Parish Church of which
he was Acting Scoutmaster. He attended that Sunday School and he was often to be seen at the church services. The deepest sympathy is felt for Mr and Mrs McClelland who have kept the George Hotel for at least 14 years. The body of the deceased arrived at Idle on Tuesday night and the funeral took place on Wednesday afternoon at Nab Wood Cemetery, Shipley, following a short service at the Idle Parish Church. Furled flags At both places the vicar of Idle, Rev W T Forster, officiated and he also walked in the procession with the Boy Scouts and the Church Lads’ Brigade and  Bell Vue scholars from the George Hotel to the church by way of Leeds Road and Town Lane, where the cortege in which the principal mourners rode, was witnessed by a throng of people. Two Scouts at the head of the procession carried furled flags; the coffin and the hearse were a mass of flowers and at the grave side, L Cpl Sylvester Swift of the Church Lads’ Brigade, sounded ‘The Last Post.’
Boy Scout drowned on holiday in Wales
The Shipley Urban District Council at a special meeting on Tuesday decided to offer the position of Local Fuel Overseer to Cllr E Reynolds who, in agreeing to take the appointment, intimated his intention to resign his membership of the Council. The business in which Mr Reynolds is engages as a relief map manufacturer has been adversely affected by the war and he finds himself with a good deal of time at his disposal. Supervision Mr Reynolds could previously have obtained a public appointment but he desired to undertake work at home where he would be in a position to exercise some supervision of his business. Mr Reynolds has been a member of the Urban Council for 15 years and prior to that he was a member of the old School Board.
New role for Shipley councillor
THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF DISCHARGED SAILORS AND SOLDIERS (Shipley Branch) Grand SPORTS DAY SATURDAY 27th JULY COWLING ROAD GROUND, WINDHILL at 2.15 p.m Events include 10-ROUNDS BOXING CONTEST (Pte Chester v Jim Allen) 6-Rounds Boxing Competitions (open to all) 6-Rounds Welterweight Competition for Soldiers and Sailors 75 yards Open Handicap, 100 yards Open Handicap, and 75 yards Schoolboys Race (under 14) Entries to be in not later than Friday, 19th July, to Bradford Arms Hotel, Shipley
The Rev P Drummond Pringle, M.A., completes on 25th July, 21 years’ service in the pastorate of the Saltaire Congregational Church. Before coming to Saltaire he graduated at Glasgow University where among other distinctions, he won the George Buchanan Prize in Philosophy and had among his teachers such well-known men as Lord Kelvin, Prof Edward Caird, the late Master of Baliol College, Oxford, and Prof Gilbert Murray, who is president for this year of the Salt Schools. At the United College, Bradford, where he studied theology for three years, he was successively Brown Scholar and Lockwood Scholar and for the last year was senior student of the College. Indefatigable labours In 1897 he received a unanimous call to the pastorate of Saltaire Congregational Church and entered upon his ministry there on 25th July that year. Under the pastorate of Mr Pringle the membership steadily rose and all branches of the Church and School work have been carried on successfully. In a booklet published in connection with the jubilee of the church, celebrated in 1907, it is stated that “under the pastor’s watchful care and as a result of his indefatigable
labours the church has attained its highest membership and a spirit of peace and harmony has pervaded all its activities.” This state of affairs has happily continued. Mr Pringle has been for many years editor of the Bradford Congregational Magazine. His brethren bestowed on him the highest honour in their power by electing him some years ago to the chair of the Bradford and District Congregational  Union. He is also a governor of the United College, Bradford, and has lately been elected vice-chairman of the board. A presentation, to be made in the autumn, is afoot and it is pointed out by officers who are behind it that all sections of the church and school wish to recognise Mr Pringle’s  long and faithful services. It is proposed to make him a gift of a sum of money and to present to Mrs Pringle and him some token suitably inscribed that will serve as a record of their valued and devoted labours at Saltaire and of the high appreciation and regard in which they are held by past and present members of the church. The fund is being readily subscribed to by members of the present congregation and it is felt that many of the past worshippers at the church will also desire to be associated with the movement
Pastor approaching 21 years at Saltaire church
Owing to an insufficient number of clubs joining the Shipley and District Junior Football League, the committee have been compelled to give the league up next season. It is decided to run a club in the Munition League and the secretary, Mr W H Heap of 10 Lorne Street, Valley Road, Shipley, will be pleased to forward particulars to any player who  would like to join the Shipley United A.F.C.
League closes through lack of members
In many areas the new rationing books which come into use on 14th July have been issued. But supposing that any books have not been received by the proper date through unavoidable causes, food committees will make special emergency arrangements for the first week. Vegetarians Similar provisions will apply in the case of persons entitled to supplementary ration books. Vegetarians desirous of obtaining extra butter and margarine rations in place of meat and lard must fill up a declaration form certifying that it is not their custom to eat meat.
In case ration books don’t arrive
Butchers v Licensees
For the discharged Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Association, a cricket match is to be played on the Windhill Recreation Ground on Wednesday, wickets pitched at three o’clock, between teams selected from the Shipley Licensed Victuallers and the Shipley Butchers.
Salts lads on the farm
A number of Salt School boys are going to work on a Boston, Lincolnshire, farm during the summer vacation
Mr P Jones Williams, architect and town planning engineer under the Shipley Urban Council, has been helping by request in a consultative capacity the town planning scheme of the Selby Urban Council.
Shipley expertise
Death in the USA
The death has occurred at Camden, New Jersey, USA, of Mrs Elena Bairstow, aged 63, who with her husband, Mr John Bairstow, emigrated 25 years ago. She was the daughter of the late Mr and Mrs Storey of Windhill and her husband worked from boyhood at the Saltaire Mills. He is now employed at a woolcombing mill at Camden.
Gored by a bull
An inquest was held last Friday on the body of Joseph Edward Skirrow of Gilstead, secretary for nearly 30 years of the Airedale Beagles and a well-known sportsman. Mr Skirrow was found dead in a field at Gilstead on 4th June, the body having been severely gored by a bull that was grazing in the field. Evidence was given by John Lockwood of Shipley who found the body and also by several other witnesses, some of them having seen the deceased in the field on the Tuesday night and Wednesday morning preceding his death. No complaints It was stated that no complaints about the animal had been made before and that Mr Skirrow was not frightened of it. Dr Angus, of Bingley, said that death was due to a wound on the temple and the jury returned a verdict to the effect that the deceased had been fatally gored by the bull. The deceased had held various offices in connection with the Bingley District of the Manchester Unity of Oddfellows.
Arthur Pedley, a labourer of Cowling Road, Windhill, was yesterday ordered to pay 15 shillings per week maintenance to his wife.
Maintenance order
Choir outing
In lovely weather on Saturday, Eccleshill United Methodist choir had their annual trip. They journeyed by tramcar to Hardcastle Craggs, dinner at Hebden Bridge and tea at the Craggs. They gave several musical selections, Mr J W Horne, the choirmaster, conducting. They arrived safely home at 11.30 having had a delightful day.
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