Friday 19 July 1918
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Frank made every effort to save his friend from drowning
B Robinson of Hazelcliff, Leeds Road, Idle, throws new light on the drowning at Colwyn Bay on 7th July of Stanley McClelland, the 15-year-old son of Mr and Mrs Z McClelland of the George Hotel, Idle. In a letter to a contemporary, B Robinson says: “The report of the drowning at Old Colwyn unconsciously does injustice to his friend who tried to save him. His friend, Frank Farrand, is my nephew and lives at this address. He is not exactly delicate, as stated in the report, nor yet very robust but he can swim a little. Sheer exhaustion On hearing Stanley scream Frank rushed to him, struggling with him and lifting him to the surface several times after Stanley had lost consciousness but had not sufficient strength left to bring him ashore and lost his hold of him from sheer exhaustion. Seeing the impossibility of saving his friend alone, he just managed to get ashore himself, called for assistance and dropped on the sand unable to do more. Unfortunately help was too far away and arrived too late.
Resignation could spark Party challenges
It is not giving anything away to say that the political parties represented were never in such friendly rivalry for place and power on the Shipley Urban Council as at the present time. The affairs of the district are not suffering on this account; in fact, they are all the better for it and if we had the space and the time we could illustrate what a dull dog our Council would be and how local government would degenerate to a mechanical discharge of duties but for the spur of party interest and competition. It is the salt of the thing. Besides, where a balance of representation can be struck the
tendency towards monopolies is steadied and there is more likely to be “a long pull, a strong pull and a pull together” in the interests of the town. Spices It is also the political situation on a council that spices its own elections and although the resignation of Cllr Reynolds at Shipley may only interest the public so far as filling of his seat goes, it is a much more important thing to the members as a whole. Cllr Reynolds is chairman of the
Electricity Committee and the Finance Committee and it will be interesting to notice what will happen in connection with those positions during the next few weeks. The Unionists are naturally expectant. Cllr L Shackleton and Cllr H Bradley, two of their representatives, are in the vice-chairs of these committees and they will probably want to take advantage of any automatic custom there may be for the promotion of these members. But it remains to be seen whether the vacancies will be filled with such ease and from what we have heard we should not be surprised if a vote has to be taken in regards to one of the chairmanships.
“If we had the space and the time we could illustrate what a dull dog our Council would be and how local government would degenerate to a mechanical discharge of duties but for the spur of party interest and competition.”
Arthur Pollard, aged 16, sheet metal worker of 17 Barrett Street, Shipley, and Leslie Albert Whitaker, aged 16, engineer, of 18 Springwood Avenue, Shipley, appeared at Bradford West Riding Police Court on Monday. They were charged with breaking and entering the offices of George Dalton & Co, Wellcroft Mills, Shipley on 14th July and stealing five cigars and also with stealing £2 on 7th July from Mrs Verity of Avondale Buildings. P.C. Atkinson said that on the 14th they were seen entering the mill by William Northrop, butcher, of Wellcroft, who informed P.C. Atkinson. Hiding behind dustbins The lads came out of the mill by a different window and sliding from the roof, ran away. The witness gave chase and caught them in a back yard, hiding behind a dustbin. One of them had a mask and a chisel in his pocket and the other a screwdriver. They were bound over and ordered to join the Navy.
Shipley youths found guilty and ordered to join the Navy
ADVERTISEMENTS BUYER of cast-off clothes, Ladies’, Gents’ and Children’s; highest prices given; prompt attention to parcels and post cards - Mrs Winestone (sole propritetor, Mrs Cooper) 8 & 10 Saltaire Road, Shipley. OLD TUBS WANTED - Good prices given for Old Tubs. Watkin, 36 Commercial Street, Shipley. LADIES and Gentlemen who value their hair try Mrs Gott’s Hair Wash. Turns grey hair to its natural colour; all who use it praise it; post paid 1/4. Sold at Mrs Gott’s, 14 Dockfield, Shipley; 14 Barrett St; and Mrs Tillotson’s Laddies Hairdressers, Commercial St, Shipley. VOICE CULTURE - Miss Gladys Tunstill, the eminent contralto, has a few vacancies for pupils: Address, 65 Bradford Road, Shipley. GIRL wanted for Office Work in Shipley district, age about 14 years. Box No 2, Times & Express, Shipley. WANTED LABOURER for Grease Extracting; good wages to suitable man, discharged or ineligible - Apply Sir Titus Salt, Bart, Sons & Co Ltd, Saltaire. WANTED, MANAGER for Butcher’s shop at Charlestown. Apply Thos Holdsworth and Son, Market Place, Shipley. WANTED a PASSER and Two Good MENDERS for Coatings; also two or three good COATING WEAVERS - Box 1, Times & Express, Shipley. BRASS and IRON BEDSTEAD, complete with spring matress and wool bedding £6 19s 6d - F H Somers, 38- 42 Westgate, Shipley. SECONDHAND Axminster CARPET, 3½ x 4 in splendid condition £11 11s.   F H Somers 38-42 Westgate, Shipley. SOLID fumed OAK BEDROOM SUITE, with chairs, cannot be repeated, £28 10s - F H Somers, 38-42 Westgate, Shipley.
Only a dodger would criticise Tribunal doctors
To see a medical board at work or to take an intelligent interest in your own examination gives a very good idea of the amount of mental concentration that is required from the doctors every time they are on duty. If there is any harder sedentary occupation, we should like to see it. Every military tribunal should make a points, as some of the members at Shipley have done, of watching the examinations. Soul of courtesy They would be able to form a better estimate of some of the random criticism of applicants for exemptions. Nothing could be more thorough or fairer than the examination that is made by the Bradford board. The doctors are the soul of courtesy and one man was so impressed by the character of his examination as a whole that he remarked to us before dressing and receiving his ticket (he drew grade 1), “I don’t care what I’m put in, nothing could be fairer than this examination.” We felt that he was right. Only a dodger would think of abusing the system at Bradford.
Shipley Tribunal hears publican’s sad story
Pathetic evidence was given by a licensed victualler at the Shipley Tribunal last Friday night. The publican was W E Wood, aged 47, Grade 2. He said he lost his wife last year and that six weeks later his son was killed. 50 horses He added that he has one of the largest public houses in the Bradford district with stabling for thirty horses. Very often he had to attend to fifty and sixty horses in a day. Cllr T Hill, tribunal chairman asked him: “Yours is one of the few houses that keep open all day?” Mr Wood: “Yes” Asked if he had a father, he replied that he has but that his mother was lying on her death bed. He was exempted till 31st October.
Mr T A Booth, wholesale manufacturing druggist and drysalter, of Idle, gave a charabanc trip to his employees on Saturday to Harewood, via Bramhope and Keskel Woods. Tea was served at the Arthington Arms and the party returned later in the evening after an enjoyable outing.
Workers’ charabanc
Shipley’s new curate
Rev T Chadwick, curate for the last three years at Emmanuel Church, Preston, has accepted the curacy of the Shipley Parish Church and begins his new duties on 19th August. His present vicar describes him as a man of the utmost honesty and sincerity.
Daisy Day collection
The workers connected with the Baildon Wesleyan Church held their annual Daisy Day on Saturday in aid of the National Children’s Home and Orphanage. The collectors were stationed at various points of the town and the collection realised £17 13s 4d, about £4 more than the previous best.
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