Friday 13 September 1918
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Arthur Mellum and Herman Murgatroyd, described as telegraph wire operators of Saltaire and Bradford respectively, were each fined £1 and costs at Skipton on Saturday, for being drunk and disorderly on the highway at Hebden the previous Wednesday.
Drunk and disorderly
Remembered in marble
A marble slab, framed in carved oak, has been placed on the north wall of the chancel of the Windhill Parish Church in memory of the Rev C Strong, who was vicar from 1895 till 1906
Tips for saving on soap and polish
In the weekly Notes on Saving advertisement, the government suggested ways to save on soap and polish: Never leave the soap in the water. Melt down all the tiny bits and turn them into soap jelly. Soap lasts twice as long if you harden it by storing in a cool, dry place. Finely sifted ashes are better than soda for cleaning saucepans, steel and the sink. Powder and save broken gas mantles for cleaning silver. Turn boot-polishing paste into a larger tin and mix with a little vinegar. It will last longer and not dry up. Fine ashes mixed with vinegar make a splendid metal polish. Use remnants of candle-wax for floor polish or add to starch. Saving on Soap means Saving Money.
In two editorial comment pieces, the newspaper tried to sum up the state of the political parties as they prepared for a future election. If it is true that the Unionist party have officially decided to support Mr Lloyd George’s war policy, the Liberals in the Shipley Division will naturally point to Saturday’s ‘adoption’ speech by Mr H Norman Rae (pictured) and say that he ‘fits the bill’ in every essential and that no Unionist could want more. Question of war Of course, the wish is the father to the thought but, after allowing for this, it does seem that the Unionist might go further and fare worse, as Mr Rae is firm and strong on the question that is regarded at the moment as being most likely to compose or divide the camps and that is the question of the war. The Liberal candidate does not talk in set terms of fighting to a finish or wanting only a dictated peace but in other words and in effect he stands for the same policy. And some of his party are anticipating that when he gets warmed up by the campaign he may hammer the point of a dictated peace and all that it involves.
Although this might cause a bit of a flutter in the dovecotes of the less advanced wing of his party, it would please the Unionists immensely, assuming they decided to work a coalition, which is by no means certain. But in  any case Mr Rae will not have much chance of blowing hot and cold by turns, even if minded to. A dictated peace means something in the nature of reparation, which is cold, pure justice, though many Liberals do not stand by that at all, seeing only a trail of vengeance in it and preferring a simple victory by arms by which a commercial equilibrium for the future could be established. They then turned their attention to the Independent Labour Party. A compliment may prove a dangerous thing at times. Speaking on Sunday night at Shipley under the auspices of the ILP, Cllr Blythe of Bradford said that the chairman of the meeting, Cllr T F Doyle was the oldest and probably most intellectual socialist in the district. Unthinking people That is all right as far as it goes but as there is a very confused impression
abroad as to the attitude of all socialists in regard to the war, the conclusion to which unthinking people will come is that, being a strong socialist, Cllr Doyle has the spots of a pacifist and is necessarily an advocate of peace by negotiation. We do not know what his views are on this matter and until he declares himself a pacifist we decline to connect him with that policy, as all his sons have been or are serving with the colours and he is a member of the local Tribunal. Another point. Many socialists are not in favour of peace by negotiation but they may be expected to support the Labour candidate because his other views generally are of a piece with their own though it is no secret that, while admiring Mr Snowden’s frankness of his opinion as to the war, they cannot take the same turning with him on this question. If Cllr  Doyle is among this section he would still remain a staunch Socialist and the erroneous impression that has to be corrected by the ILP is that a socialist must by the nature of things be a pacifist. They must show that a socialist cannot always be identified by any such spots. When they do this they will have done something substantial for the ILP whose idealism has yet to be understood by the run of the people.
The Liberal candidate might suit Unionists  but ILP has many questions to answer
A few months ago it was understood that the church people of Idle might have another chance to purchase land and property in Croft Top and below the Schools belonging to Mr W Wade. After several meetings, the members of the Church Council unanimously decided to purchase and this decision has been confirmed at a meeting of members of the congregation. Mortgage The cost of the land and property is £1,000 and according to arrangement, £100 must be paid as a deposit before the end of this year and the remaining £900 on or before 1st April 1919 when the Church will come into legal possession. It is proposed to raise the £100 as far as possible by voluntary contributions and to secure a mortgage for the £900. The income from rents will pay the interest on the
mortgage until such times as the church can raise the money. The income from rents can then be put to some other purpose such as the making of the new road. It is the general opinion that church people have acted wisely in this purchase and amongst many advantages the following have been named as the most important: It makes provision for the new road to the schools from Town Lane. It makes provision for the extension or rebuilding of the Vicarage on an adequate scale. Removal of Old Chapel It makes provision for further extension of the schoolyard or churchyard whenever that is required. After the removal of the Old Chapel, it makes provision for the whole of the church property to be together, forming a compact and complete estate.
Idle Church wise to purchases land
The sixth annual vegetable, flower and egg show in connection with the horticultural society of the Shipley District Independent Order of Oddfellows, saw the entry rise from the previous year’s 300 to 500. In proposing a vote of thanks, Cllr T Hill said that he felt something permanent would be done on the future of allotments. In Shipley they had been inclined for some time past to establish a reasonable number of allotments but the landlords in this country were peculiar, the people themselves had not been very enthusiastic and land had been difficult to get hold of so they had never been successful with the idea. Workmen’s dwellings But such a filip had been given of late to the allotment movement that he was looking forward to something being done in the way of giving power to local authorities to acquire land for allotment purposes. And he hoped that workmen’s dwellings in the time to come would have connected with them plots of land which the tenants could cultivate.
Councillor keen to secure allotment growth
‘Silver Badge’ of Eccleshill writes to the Editor: Sir – One hears a great deal about what is to be done for our fighting men at the close of the war; but why wait till then, seeing that we have somewhere about 5,000 returned already? It seems to me to be nothing but empty talk if the following facts are anything to go by. We naturally expect our City Fathers to take the lead in these matters but judging by the action of the Tramways Committee, it is evidently a vain hope. A short time ago these worthy gentlemen had an application placed before them asking that disabled men should be allowed to use the cars at a reduced fare. Not likely What is the reply of these representatives of the people? Were they willing to do real good for us? Not likely. They regretted to say it could not be done as it would cause confusion in the working of the system. Surely a paltry excuse as it would be a very simple matter to issue passes to these men and on them being shown to the conductor a special ticket be punched.
Worthy gentlemen give paltry excuse for not helping wounded men
CO-OP HALL IDLE POPULAR SATURDAY CONCERTS Every Saturday Evening at 7.30 SATURDAY 14th SEPTMEBER HAROLD BENN presents the Celebrated VICTORIA ENTERTAINERS COMEDY CONCERT PARTY, direct frm Summer Successes, including ERNEST GLEDHILL, Comedian J W HARGREAVES, Bariton HAROLD BENN, Entertainer EDYTH HOLMES, Soprano ELSIE DEAN, Male Impersonator PEGGY DEWS,  the Vaudeville Girl at the Piano The most refined and Up-to-date Concert Party now working. Don’t fail to see this show. Popular Prices: 6d and 1s, including tax SATURDAY 21st SEPTEMBER Special engagement of                    THE HARMONICS
Messrs David Waterhouse and Nephew offered for sale at the Empress Hotel, Bradford, four houses at Woodlands, Shipley Fields Road, and a plot of building land in the same neighbourhood The following prices were realised: No 45 Woodlands, £672 10s. No 46, £620. No 47, £595. No 50, £610. The building land, which is immediately opposite Woodlands and contains by admeasurement an area of about 2,205 square yards, was withdrawn.
Four Woodlands houses sold
The West Riding Asylums Board last Friday agreed that Menston Asylum should be used as a hospital for sick and wounded soldiers of the American Army.
Menston Asylum to be used for U.S. soldiers
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