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Stephen Acton Norman G Airey Geoffrey A Armitage Godfrey H Averdieck    
George Bagshaw Harry D Baldwin Fred Barraclough Herbert Barraclough Joseph Barraclough Willie Barraclough
Wm E J Barrell          
Alfred C Barrett Fred Bell Joshua Bell Willie Bell Herbert Betts Walter Bickerdyke
John T Birdsall Edwin Blackburn Maurice C Bland Raymond Bland Arthur J Bloomfield Henry Boldy
Harry Bolton William Booth Edwin R Bottomley Ernest Bottomley William Bottomley Alfred Bowyer
Jesse Bradbury Herbert Brayshaw Arthur Brearley Richard Wm Brice Richard Briggs George Brooke
John Broskom John G Burnie Joseph H Busfield Harry Butler Sam Butler  
Albert Carman Leonard F Cartwright Willie Carver Laurence Castley William Cawthorne George Cawthron
Smythe Clayton Ernest Clegg George Hy Clegg Joseph Clegg Bert Clough Charles E Clutterbuck
Willie Coates Alfred Cocksedge Percy Collins George W Conder Frank Copland Walter Copley
William Hy Copley Percy Cordingley Laurence Costigan Harry Craven John Wm Craven James G Crossley
George Dable Dosey Bryan Dale Herbert Wm Daykin John Wm Daykin William Deacon John Dean
Arthur Dennison Alfred G Dewhirst Wm Horace Dewhirst Charles E Dickson Stephen Dobson Harry Drake
Fred S Dyson John W Dyson        
Walter Edmondson Eric Elgey Jesse Ellis John Ellis Leonard Ellis Thomas M Ellis
George W Fawcett William Fawcett Harold Wm Field James Frear William Frith  
James A Galliford Sam Moxon Gelder Harry Godfrey Albert F Goodliffe A Ernest Goodman John Wm Gordon
Howard Gott Albert Gould George Gould Leason Gower Samuel B Green Samuel T Green
Frederick O Greenwood Frederick R Greenwood Herbert J Greenwood Tom Greenwood Charles V Grimshaw  
Joseph A Haigh Ernest Hainsworth Joshua Hainsworth Spencer Hainsworth Leonard Haithwaite James B Hall
James T Hall John H L Hall Walter B Hall Arthur Halliday Ellis Halliday Holmes Halliday
Sam Halliday John G Hamell John Hannaford Joseph Hanson Norman Hanson  
Fred Hardy Frederick W Harris Robert Helliwell Gordon Hesling Willie Hesling
Sydney H Hey Arthur Hill Albert P Hipkin Ernest Hird George Hodgetts William Hodgets
Joseph Hodgson Percy Holgate Clough Holmes George D Holmes Robert B Holmes Wm Wainman Holmes
Evan Jones Holroyd Cedric F Horsfall John Horsfall Charles Houlden Charles Howe Frederick H Hoyle
Clifford Hullah Benjamin Hutton        
Philip L Ibbetson James A Ingle Robinson Ingle      
Harold Jaques Harry Jennings Harry Jennings (Baildon) Alfred Johnson
Frank Johnson Harry Jones Sydney F Jowett      
Edgar M Kermode William B Kitson Joe Sam Knott      
Francis H Lancaster Horace Lancaster Sydney Lancaster Arnold Lapish Frank Lee Joshua Lee
George Lennon Edwin Lindow Reginald Lister James W Logan Christopher Long
Charles Lorrimer William Love Norman Lund Reginald Lupton    
Thos Edwd MacLeavy George Edwd Macway Edward Marsden    
Charles Marshall Percy Mason Ernest G Mayes William Meek Edward Merritt James A Metcalfe
Norman S Metcalfe George Mitchell Jesse Mitchell Thomas J Mitchell William Hy Mitchell Bryan Mitchelson
William Morgan Rufus Mortimer George Motley Norman Muller Walter Murgatroyd  
James Nichols David Normington        
Victor H Park George Parker Gilbert Partridge John Edwd Partridge Willie Partridge Isaac Patchett
Thomas Patchett Malcolm B Paterson Fred Patrick James C Pearce Archie Pemberton Percival Pemberton
Stanley Pemberton Henry Platt Thomas Poole John J Preston William Priestley Cecil Procter
Thomas Quirk          
Maurice Raisbeck John Ramsbottom Joseph Ratcliffe Irvin Rawnsley Fred Richardson Albert V Riley
Arthur Robinson Ernest Robinson Harold Robinson Otto Robinson Willie Robinson  
Thomas Rooke Stanley B Rooum George Roper Joseph Rowling Harry Royston Herbert Royston
  Reginald A Sarsby John T Senior Harry I Sircom Clifford Skirrow T F Slater
Fred Slingsby George Slingsby James L Speight Fred Spencer John R Stansfield
Fred Starkey

Samuel C Stead

Arnold Craven Stuart Norman Stuart Charles Styles
John Wm Taylor Herbert Tennison Watson Terry Arthur O Thompson Willie Thompson  
Albert B Thornton Arthur Thornton Harry Throup John Toal Edward Town
Harry Town Smith Town James Trevethen Albert Turner James E G Turner G A Turner
Charles A Vevers Wilfrid G Vint        
        George Hy Walker Alfred Walsh
Lawrence V Watson Albert Webb Albert Webster Thomas Weightman Herbert Whitehead Daniel B Whymark
Edward W Whymark Edward W Wilcock Laurence E Wilcock John C Wilde Fred Wilson George Wright
Georege M Yates          

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