This Roll of Honour is halfway down the right hand wall as you enter the church
At the top is the Moravian emblem with the latin inscription which translates as
Our Lamb has conquered let us follow him
At the bottom is another latin inscription: Not me but my country

It would seem likely that the brass plaques on either side contain the name of people who served
while the names carved between them are of those who gave their lives, given below in capitals.
It is one of the rare Rolls of Honour to include women who served

Those underlined are linked to information about that individual

This is very much a work in progress. If you have any information, documents
or photographs to help fill in the gaps, please get in touch


John T Bell
William Halliday
Frank Lee
Joshua Lee
Frank Leach
George W Oddy
Harold Robinson
Wm H Robinson
Daniel Whymark
Edward Whymark