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This page is dedicated to the men who worked as postmen or in the post offices in the Shipley area
who served their country in WW1. Within a week of war being declared, nine postal workers from Shipley
had been called up as reservists. Some of them had soon sacrificed their lives.

I'm grateful to Colin Coates for allowing me to link to biographies of Saltaire men on his website
It is co-ooperation like this that helps make the task manageable

This is very much a work in progress. If you have any information, documents
or photographs to help fill in the gaps, please get in touch

Shipley Postmen
Alf Bowyer
H Boocock
Dosey bryan dale
A Ernest Goodman
Sam Thomas Green
Tom Cullearn
William Henry Mitchell
W Owens
Cecil Procter
T F Slater
Herbert Tennison
R Pitman
George Henry Walker
Wm Leonard Waud
J H Young