By April 1915 war was part of everyday life but still had the capacity to shock when news of the casualties from battles like Neuve Chapelle filled the pages of the Shipley Times & Express, along with the letters from men describing their life in the trenches.
At home the dangers of invasion led to a stepping up of the activities of the Volunteer Forces, mostly men too old to serve, who trained ready to repel an attack on their community.
The government introduced a black-out to counter the threat of Zeppelins, a move that caused much discussion, as did the increasingly important role of women and whether or not they should be paid the same as men.
Click on the links below to read a digest of the stories of that week; those shown are just the lead headlines, there are more on the pages.

- Belgian refugees becoming self sufficient
- Court martial threat for black-out offences
- Josiah, 72, has ambitious walk plans

- Protest staged against food profiteering
- Enlistment and employment cut crime rate
- Council just comes in under budget

- Tales of deadly snipers and Hun treachery
- Narrow escapes of luckiest man in the war
- Shipley ILP candidate leads Volunteer Force

Recruiting Saltaire

- Killed trying to save a comrade's life
- Drummer moved by men's nightmares
- Shipley ambulancemen ready to serve

- Rough crossing but rougher on the enemy
- Bradford Pals train on Shipley Glen
- Volunteer Force on 23-mile route march

- Council stall on Manor House memorial
- Fear public phones are spreading TB
- Josiah, 72, completes his 65-mile walk
- Yorkshire black-outs after Zeppelin raid
- Hilarity as councillors struggle in the gloom
- Signing the pledge til the end of the war
- Concert brings relief after battle horrors
- Pig ruse teaches Volunteer Force a lesson
- James Cryer KIA aged 20
- Cricketers prepare for new season
- Donations dip but more refugees in work
- Vicar calls for no 'sentimental flabbiness'
- Capt Ellis unable to escape a second time
- Saltaire mill worker drowned at sea
- Appeal for eggs for wounded men
- Belgian refugees return as heroes
- Lady Denby's waistcoat to the rescue
- Narrow escape from runaway canal horse
- Encourage your children to question
- Salt's granddaughter on equal pay for women
- Lighting rules ease but air danger remains
- Pressure on men to enlist at Saltaire rally
- Women urged to fill the industrial gaps
- Drivers needed for outings for wounded men
- Arthur Dennison's last letter before he died
- Delights of the depot after the trenches
- Emotional roller-coaster for families at home
- Action urged to control excessive drinking
- Shipley Volunteers defend Cottingley
- 70-year-old woman does her bit

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