As the first Christmas at war approached and the end of a year  that ‘will go down to future generations as one of the most catastrophic periods recorded in the history of Great Britain, of the Continent of Europe – nay, of the whole world’, people became even more conscious of the threat when the German navy killed many civilians by shelling Scarborough, Whitby and Hartlepool.

Letters from the front continued to give a vivid picture of what life was like in the trenches and telegrams continued to bring the news every family dreaded. At home there was the usual build up to Christmas with tempting adverts for gifts, but the recruiting drive was stepped up and everyone was aware that ‘war is still waged with growing intensity, it extends its field of operation and its baneful influences are felt throughout the globe.’

The links below will take you week-by-week through some of the stories that appeared in the Shipley Times & Express exactly 100 years before. The headlines given only contain a few of the leading stories.

There are usually three pages, two of which will generally cover events and life in the Shipley district with the other one telling some of the stories of the men at the front.

- Death of Shipley's first MP, Joseph Craven
- 'War is not the way to end war'
- Guardians agree Christmas treats for the poor

- Canada and USA send Christmas gifts
- Trade increasing in Shipley
- Hard labour for man who neglected his family

- Shipley railwaymen reunited at the front
- Nellie urged to recruit lads for war
- Contrast between Ypres and Hove
- Suicidal widow ordered to live in workhouse
- Children stuff pillows for soldiers
- Sermon blames atheistic philosophy for war
- Mons - 'It was like Hell itself'
- In the pink letter arrives with death notice
- Volunteer Force route march in the rain

- 99-year-old Jesse unimpressed by the fuss
- Bonus payments for service families
- Call for world union to prevent future wars

- East Coast Raids bring war close to home
- Children flee from shelled school
- Scarborough family set off to walk to Bradford
- Schoolboys urged to show the right spirit
- Hull KR come to Northern's rescue
- Only one postal delivery on Christmas Day
- Family reassured that Fred did his best
- Ideal soldier killed in action at Ypres
- Bradford Pals train on Baildon Moor
- Infant schools remember those at the front
- Food for the poor but Santa Ship delayed
- Cabbage and potatoes for trainee soldiers
- Inquests into East-Coast casualties
- No to police surveillance of dependents
- Oldest woman celebrates in the workhouse
- War veteran tells of Hartlepool under siege
- Two weeks between life and death
- Where taking a hot bath is a luxury

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