August 1915

The anniversary of the outbreak of war produced what were now familiar stories of men's courage, the privations they suffered in the trenches, their fascination with new surroundings, their wounding and death.

At home the arguments were now also familiar - the need for even more recruits and the traditional opposition to any suggestion of conscription, even in the face of the government launching a national register to identify who could be better used in the war effort.

Discussions continued over whether women were capable of filling the gaps in the labour market left by serving men. The Volunteer Force kept training in case they were needed as the last line of defence

And somehow ordinary life continued and the focus was turned on institutions like Thackley Open Air School.

The links below will take you week-by-week through some of the stories that appeared in the Shipley Times & Express exactly 100 years before. The headlines given only contain a few of the leading stories.

There are usually three pages, two of which will generally cover events and life in the Shipley district with the other one telling some of the stories of the men at the front.

- Young girls killed when Canal Rd wall collapses
- Special service produces dozens of eggs
- Bumper collection on Shipley Feast Day

- Feature on Thackley Open Air School
- Calls for yet more recruits
- Bowlers take the honours in Cup semi-finals

- Mixed reports of life in the trenches
- Longing for home after 10 months at the Front
- Johnsons - four brothers in arms
- Windhill vicar heads for the front line
- War work halts cricket semi-final
- Assault charge dropped against army volunteer
- National registration forms distributed
- Belgian soldier reveals atrocities against women
- Shipley railwaymen oppose conscription

- Flags out for return of DCM hero
- 17-year-old Stanley killed in action
- Early aerial dog-fight described

- Survey highlights shortage of men at home
- Workhouse death reveals thwarted love story
- Snaps of home for soldiers at the front
- Uniform orders fuel holiday boom
- Farmers urged to employ women workers
- Over-zealous police arrest Shipley soldier
- Fred killed while cleaning the trenches
- Vivid account of life under fire
- 'The sacrifice will be worth it'
- Unions oppose conscription & profiteering
- Objections to Quaker peace handouts
- All-night cafe continues in Valley Road
- Breakfast lowered 300ft to stranded men
- Danger on the roads from cars and horses
- People take advantage of bracing Baildon
- 'Cpl Lance' unveiled after injury
- Third time still lucky for Shipley soldier
- Keeping up the spirits of those at home

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