As the war went into its second year there was growing pressure on men to volunteer to serve, or if not eligible to fight, then to work in munitions production.

This left more and more vacancies to be filled by women and children and calls for them to be paid at a fair rate.

Meanwhile there was a constant flow of stories from the Front of men dead and wounded, of hardship and heroism.

The links below will take you week-by-week through some of the stories that appeared in the Shipley Times & Express exactly 100 years before. The headlines given only contain a few of the leading stories.

There are usually three pages, two of which will generally cover events and life in the Shipley district with the other one telling some of the stories of the men at the front.

- Committee under pressure to release teachers
- Robinson makes his 350th recruiting appeal
- Laundress and City footballer fined

- Shipley men sign up for munitions work
- National register to be established
- Isabel Salt speaks out against conscription

- Home to tell the tale after rifle accident
- 'Swanking with my empty sleeve'
- Volunteer Force put in the hard miles

- Thomas survives sinking of his ship
- Kindly old porter rescues stranded fisher girls
- Fun on fish-fryers' outing

- Kids urged to spend sweet money on bonds
- Rev Pringle calls for sacrifices by all
- Woman asks how she can help war effort

- I'll never fear hell again after battle for Hill 60
- Bodies blown out of their graves
- DCM for Sgt Lishman
- Plan to reduce meat ration for poor
- Pay fair wages to working schoolboys
- No place for nervy people
- Brave PC stops horses from trampling children
- A suitable job for women
- Records tumble in Priestley Cup ties
- People don't realise this is Herculean task
- Shipley postman 'liberates' German flag
- First-hand account of life in the trenches
- Country prepares for National Registration
- Money lenders win case but lose judgement
- Collision between a horse and a tram
- Saltaire woolcomber killed by anthrax
- Local tenor hits the big time
- Baildon woman guilty of arson
- Harry - as brave in hospital as in the trenches
- Sgt unable to get home for infant son's funeral
- Civilians pay the price for bombardments
- Letters home condemn the war shirkers
- Canal Ironworks contribute to the war effort
- Electricity for Windhill Parish Church
- Shipley men among the killed and injured
- Deserter with shattered nerves jailed
- 75-year-old Shipley man's first flight
- Local sporting hero KIA
- Narrow escape for seasoned campaigner
- L Cpl Naylor getting to know the French

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