June 1915

The eleventh month of the war brought added hardships in the form of increases in prices of power and food. Money was short all round and was noticed by fund raisers trying to help groups like Belgian refugees.

At the Front, more and more casualties were suffering from the effect of gas and there was growing resentment among men who read in the newspapers that while they were risking their lives in the trenches, back home strikes were harming production, even of armaments. They were also angry that even though the war had stretched far beyond what anyone had envisaged, there were still young men at home who didn't bother to enlist.

But there were lighter moments - a number of 'khaki' weddings, cricket drawing big crowds, and schoolboys were excited that they were going to be allowed to help with the hay making.

The links below will take you week-by-week through some of the stories that appeared in the Shipley Times & Express exactly 100 years before. The headlines given only contain a few of the leading stories.

There are usually three pages, two of which will generally cover events and life in the Shipley district with the other one telling some of the stories of the men at the front.

- Power for poor charged at 'beefsteak prices'
- Back in trenches 24 hours after his wedding
- Yorkshire CC unhappy with Bradford League

- Lamplighters switched to grave digging
- Teachers discouraged from nursing ambitions
- Volunteer Force exercise on Hope Hill

- Number of gas victims increasing
- The pain of seeing "pals" killed and wounded
- Family cling to hope amid tragedies
- Day out at Shipley Glen
- Men urged to come forward to fight
- Hard labour for man sleeping rough
- We must look after our wounded heroes
- Shipley women rally to provide clothes
- Jesse just misses out on 100th birthday

- 'Soldier rest, thy warfare o'er'
- 'A bit weird' being in trenches at night
- Shipley ambulance men answer the call

- Condemnation of shirkers and drinkers
- Price rises mean changes in workhouse diet
- Squeamishness over habits of flies
- Shipley Volunteers in 'Battle of Golcar Farm'
- Boer War veteran urges men to enlist
- First Belgian refugee baby born in exile
- Cpl Lance's vivid description of life under fire
- Wounded but luckier than his pals
- Had my clothes off for the first time in 12 days
- Government threatens compulsion
- A woman's view of the war
- Men in trenches put pressure on shirkers
- Sermon looks back to 1815 and forward to 2015
- Baildon Green 'restrict' Barnes to seven wickets
- Strikes force masters to take up the reins
- Former Shipley newsboy awarded the DCM
- Caution about German cigarettes
- Here lies a British soldier

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