May 1915 saw one of the iconic moments of WWI, the sinking of the Lusitania, and the Shipley Times & Express gave it full coverage, including stories of local people who had been on board.

The continuing, often harrowing stories from the trenches and the steady rise in the number of men who had made the ultimate sacrifice was a constant reminder of what was happening just acros the Channel.

And there was plenty of coverage of the effect at home - extra working demands on women and children, the need to strengthen the Volunteer Force and an anxiety about social woes.

But there were other distractions like the visit of Buffalo Bill to Shipley and the arrival of England cricketers in the local league - Sydney Barnes at Saltaire and Jack Hobbs at Idle.

The links below will take you week-by-week through some of the stories that appeared in the Shipley Times & Express exactly 100 years before. The headlines given only contain a few of the leading stories.

There are usually three pages, two of which will generally cover events and life in the Shipley district with the other one telling some of the stories of the men at the front.

- Bronco Billy brings Wild West to Shipley
- New working demands on women & children
- Fund raising to help Belgians in the trenches

- Methodists tackle drink, youths & housing
- The problem of school hygiend
- German aliens under pressure from the law

- Fighting disease and smell in the trenches
- How to feed 18,000 men at the Front
- 'Town Clerk Army' enters the fray
- Reflections on the sinking of the Lusitania
- Ida perishes on the eve of her wedding
- Shipley's Henry Burgess tells how he escaped
- 'World's best bowler' signs for Saltaire
- Miss Holdsworth collects 'cigs' for soldiers
- Making hay is a patriotic duty

- Unknown soldier named as local shunter
- Frightful and mundane fill letters home
- Thomas determined to be a Tommy

- Nearly 3,000 watch Barnes take all ten wickets
- Road conditions blamed for faulty lights
- Guard dies in Saltaire railway accident
- Moving testament of invasion of Belgium
- Red Cross women challenge loss of wages
- Shop workers fear conscription
- Lusitania victim on his way home to fight
- John Ramsbottom shot while digging trenches
- Brothers in arms share mum's cakes
- Women challenge farmers and Baden Powell
- Whitsun traditions and holiday fun
- Just how big is a billion?
- Lord Harewood impressed by Volunteers
- Idle sign Test star Jack Hobbs
- Horror of Gretna train crash
- Moving lettre about life at the Front
- Jane Hills soldier describes going 'over the top'
- Former milk boy pays the ultimate sacrifice

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