The hearing of Fred Rennard
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On 24 March 1916, the Shipley Times & Express published a report of the Shipley Military Tribunal which included consid- ering the appeals of a number of Conscientious Objectors. The members of the tribunal were Cllr Thomas Hill (chairman), Cllrs C E Learyod, F F Rhodes, T F Doyle, Mr Ernest Illingworth and Mr J A Burton (representing the military authority). “There were 32 cases to be dealt with and of these 22 were conscientious objectors. A large number of the public attended and the accommodation of the room in which the Tribunal was held was taxed to its utmost.” The reports appear to have largely carried a verbatim note of what was said on both sides.
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Fred Rennard, an overlooker at Saltaire Mills, said he knew he
could have got exemption by claiming to be in a reserved
occupation but his conscience would not allow him to appeal on
that ground.
He did not believe all that he had read about the atrocities in
Mr Burton: Would you like to leave the wife whom you recently
married to the tender mercies of the Germans?
Fred Rennard: I am claiming to stop here and look after her. 
By asking her to cook your breakfast and dinner?
Well, I need looking after.
Mr Burton: I cannot congratulate your wife!
The application was refused.