Sanremo, via Umberto
4 January 1918, to Aileen No message
Monastery di Padua
7 January 1918, to Aileen Would you like a house like this? D
7 January 1918, to Mrs Collins This is near my bedroom door. I have not been able to post letters or pcs on 7/1/18 so don’t know when this & letters will arrive. G
This is part of a cardboard box full of Gilbert Tasker Mahony’s postcards and documents found by David Jackson in the cellar when he moved into 4 Avondale Mount, Shipley in 1979.  Most of them are headed OAS (On Active Service) and stamped in red 'Passed by Censor).  The censor crossed out the name of the towns in most cases but we have managed to decipher them or work them out. The majority were written to his wife, Lil, or daughter Aileen, but some were to his mother-in-law, Mrs Collins and one to his sister-in-law. My thanks to David for given me access to this fascinating archive
1918 Postcards (Click on the card to see location and a bigger image)
Gilbert Tasker Mahony
Monastery di Padua Palazzo della R Universita Il Cortile Padua Palazza dell’Erbe
8 January 1918, to his wife Still another view. G. 8/1/18 No post from here yesterday
20 January 1918, to his wife No letter from you for four days now so should get a budget. Love from G
26 January 1918, to Aileen This is the place where girlies buy oranges, apples & nuts. D
Home Page Home Page Home Page Villa Cavalli, Bresseo
26 January 1918, to Aileen The same place. Would you like to be here with me? xxxx from Dad
2 February 1918, to his wife The two x’s are where I work and the other is the room. How do you like it? Note the arches. G xxxx for Aileen
Savoie, probably St Pierre d’Albigny Modane, Vallee de l’Arc
17 March 1918, to his wife Here is a view showing the kind of country we passed through. It is quite a change to be fixed up here again. Yours Gil
Montargis, forest Boulogne, church Boulogne, casino (interior)
9 June 1918, to Aileen Her is another P.c. for you. Do you like it? Dad
10 July 1918, to his wife I wonder if Albert ever frequented this place? Surely he would. Perhaps after the war we may. G
10 July 1918, to his wife Still another p.c. for the collection. It is a relic of our day’s outing as are the others. I am looking forward to the post today. Yours Gil.
Boulogne, Les Sports
5 September 1918, to his wife Finished passing out yesterday. Am awaiting orders now. Weather is beautiful. Your G
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27 January 1918 To Aileen Dear Aileen. Another view of the same place. Do you like it? xxxx Dad
Padua River view Padua Statue of Dante Padua Ponte di Ferro Padua Chiesa di Giustina
29 January 1918, to Aileen Here is another view for you. xxxx from Dad
1 February1918, to his wife Still another one for your collection. All I am sending at present are of the same place. They give one some idea of Italian art altho’ they are nothing like the real thing. Best love, Yours Gil. Your 19th letter has arrived. Write tomorrow.
1 February 1918, to Aileen My dear Aileen, Many thanks for your very pretty post card which I received this morning. Best love from Dad xxxxxx. The fairies you drew are very exciting.
1 February 1918, to Mrs Collins Dear Ma, Still another pc. I hope you will not persist in overdoing things. Gilbert. Weather here today like a June day at home. Beautiful!
St Antonio Giraffe and monkeys
11 February 1918,  to his wife To cheer you up. G
3 March 1918  to Aileen Dear Aileen, what do you think of the babies? Have you ever seen anything like them? Love from Dad xxxx
15 March 1918, to Aileen Best love & kisses from Dad
Folkestone, the Warren
23 April 1918, to Aileen Here I am! Love from Dad
Folkestone, Marine Crescent
23 April 1918, to Mrs Collins The tea has come in useful. G
Nielles-les-Blequin Boulogne, the casino Boulogne, the beach Boulogne, the port Boulogne, waves
30 June 1918, to his wife Am reducing my money here at top speed. Yours G
1 July 1918, to Aileen Dear Aileen. How do you like this picture? Love from Dad xxxxDad
1 July 1918, to his wife Still more views. You will see what places we visit with luck. G
1 July 1918, to Aileen How do you like this view of a steamer? Some day I shall come home on one like this xxx Dad
Woman in fur with roses in her hat
29 August 1918  to his wife A little touch of red! I’m still here and enjoying it. Love from G
Fishermen Upturned boat home Pre-printed card from Portugal
7 September 1918, to Aileen Would you like to live in here? xxxx Dad
5 September 1918, to his wife Shall not be able to write till Saturday. Going to old address. Gil
16 October 1918, to his wife The instructions on the back are to cross out what isn't relevant then only date and signature.  So it reads:  I'm fine/OK.  I'm going to operations base.  (all options for news/things received crossed out).  Continues:  I'll write as soon as possible.  Think the rest intended as crossed out to indicate:  I haven't had any news for a long time.  Signed G (date)