Colsterdale Army Camp, North Yorkshire
Postcard, date unclear, to Mr and Mrs Mahony, living at South Shore, Blackpool: In camp here with City Battalion. I hope this voice from the dead will not give you a shock but it must have been a case of both waiting to receive a line. With best wishes, Private I Knowles
This is part of a cardboard box full of Gilbert Tasker Mahony’s postcards and documents found by David Jackson in the cellar when he moved into 4 Avondale Mount, Shipley in 1979.  Most of them are headed OAS (On Active Service) and stamped in red 'Passed by Censor).  The censor crossed out the name of the towns in most cases but we have managed to decipher them or work them out. The majority were written to his wife, Lil, or daughter Aileen, but some were to his mother-in-law, Mrs Collins and one to his sister-in-law. My thanks to David for given me access to this fascinating archive
More WW1 documents in the Gilbert Tasker Mahony collection (Click on the card to see location and a bigger image)
Gilbert Tasker Mahony
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A patriotic postcard sent in September 1918 to Lilian Mahony from ‘Mary’ giving details of her train times.
Army Gymnastic Staff Notable Service
Valuable Service Notice 29 September 1918
Welcome from Milan
Undated: Welcome from Milan to British Troops
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Menus from staff instructors’ mess dinner 10 September 1917
Menu from dinner in Merville on 23 December 1917 with signatures of those attending on the back
British Expeditionary Force Christmas Card 1917
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