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Born: 1884
Died: 5 August 1915
Buried: Mesnil Ridge Cemetery
Address: 81 Falcoln Terrace, Institute Road, Eccleshill
Spouse: A Brayshaw
Occupation: Woolcomber, Messrs Guard, Valley Road, Bradford
Rank: Rifleman
Rolls of Honour: Eccleshill
Children: 1 daughter
Regiment: Rifle Brigade
Herbert Brayshaw
Mrs Herbert Brayshaw of 81 Falcon Terrace, Institute Road, Eccleshill has been informed by the War Office that her husband was killed on August 5th. Pte Brayshaw enlisted in the 1st Rifle Brigade on April 15th, 1915, and received his military training at Queensboro’ in Kent. He quickly showed his aptitude for handling the rifle for he once wrote home saying: “I have scored 73 points out of a possible 80. My officer says he is more than pleased with me and thinks it is a credit to do so well after only eight weeks’ training. You see, I now rank as a first class shot.” He applied for a post of sniper and
sharp shooter and passed all the tests. With less than three months’ training he was selected to take his place in the firing line and landed in France on July 7th. A letter he sent about this time reveals the true spirit of the British soldier. He wrote: “If I get the chance I shall do my bit and not half, either. I shall not forget Scarborough and when I come home again I shall be able to look other fellows in the face and say that I did my share. I’d sooner die than be called a coward.”
With a week he was transferred to the machine gun section and writing later he said: “I have not had my clothes off since I left England but I am getting used to it. There is one consolation however and that is we are giving the Germans something to go on with. The Germans are no fools, I can tell you. They have some fine guns but poor hearts and when we get them on the run, they do go. I can tell you. The Belgian people are very kind to us and no matter where you go you see the crucifix.”
In his last letter home he said: “We are about four miles from the trenches but by the time you get this letter I shall be having another slap at the enemy. We have moved about 30 miles since I wrote last. I don’t know when I shall be able to write you again but don’t be down-hearted for no news is good news.” Previous to enlisting, Pte Brayshaw had been employed in the woolcomber department of Messrs Guard, in Valley Road, Bradford. He was 31 years of age last April and leaves a widow and baby daughter. His two brothers are fighting at the front. Shipley Times & Express 10 September 1915
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