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Born: 1889, Idle
Died: 28 April 1918
Address: 40 Albion Street, Idle (Barnsley after marriage)
Parents: Jabez & Ameria
Spouse: Florence, nee Dawson
Siblings: Ada
Occupation: Butcher (1916 at time of wedding)
Organisations/clubs: Boys’ Brigade
Rank: L Cpl
Rolls of Honour: Holy Trinity, Idle; Arras Memorial
Regiment: Northumberland Fusiliers
Jesse Firth
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L Cpl Jesse Firth, Northumberland Fusiliers, son of Mrs Jabez Firth of 40 Albion Road, Idle, has been killed in action. The deceased soldier was a native of Idle but at the time he joined the forces – in August of last year – he resided at Barnsley. By trade he was a baker and he served his apprenticeship with Mr R Sparks. At one time he was associated with the Boys’ Brigade in which Capt John Garnett, of Cavendish Road, still takes a deep interest and with which have been trained many local lads who are now serving their king and country.
In this organisation, L Cpl Firth proved himself to be exceedingly smart and attained non-commission rank. He was 28 years of age and had been married for about a year. Shipley Times & Express 25 May 1917 L Cpl Jesse Firth, son of Mrs Firth of Albion Road, Idle, who has been killed in action, was a great favourite with his comrades who have paid him many tributes for his cheerfulness in all circumstances and his bravery in battle. Here is a letter received by his wife who resides at Barnsley, from Platoon Sgt A Shepherdson under the date 15th May.
“Your husband was with me in the advance but am sorry to say he was amongst the unfortunate ones. His death was instantaneous and he suffered no pain. “Being his platoon sergeant, I miss him very much and he is sadly missed by all my lads. He was a bright and cheerful comrade. I hope you will accept my sympathy with your loss “He was a real hero and if heroes get crowns then he ought to shine. He was always mentioning you when we were together and you were probably the last who was in his mind before going into action.” Shipley Times & Express 1 June 1917 At the end of June a memorial service was held for Jesse and W P Yates at Idle Wesleyan Chapel.
Holy Trinity, Idle RoH Holy Trinity, Idle RoH Holy Trinity, Idle RoH