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Born: c 1894
Died: 14 July 1916, Somme
Address: 5 Holdsworth Street, Windhill
Parents: Benjamin & Mary
Siblings: Clara, George, John, Fanny
Occupation: Wool puller, Charlestown Woolcombing Co
Rank: L Cpl
Rolls of Honour: Christchurch, Windhill
Regiment: West Yorkshire
Raistrick Fuller
In one week, Mr and Mrs Ben Fuller of 5 Holdsworth Street, Windhill heard that their second son, George, was missing in action and their oldest son, Raistrick (right), had been killed. Windhill vicar, Rev R Whincup, who was a chaplain on the front line wrote: “He was killed in the trenches on Monday night, Aug 14th. “I hear that your son was killed instantly and so we may be thankful that he did not suffer any
pain. I always think that it must be a great relief to know that the death of our dear ones is painless. “Capt Oddy, the officer in command of your son’s company, took me to the place where your son was killed. I went there next morning; the Sgt Major pointed out to me the spot where your son’s grave was and I said a short burial service.
“L Cpl A Helliwell, of Eccleshill, who was killed at the same time, is buried in the same place, with your son. “The trench mortar fell right in the midst of several men, killing five of them. I will try to have a cross erected with a suitable inscription over your son’s grave. “I am so very sorry for you in your great trouble. Seeing that your son came from Windhill, naturally we had talks with each other at times and your boy seemed to so pleased to have a conversation regarding things at Windhill.
“Your boy has done his duty splendidly out here and he has died a very honourable death fighting on behalf of his country.”
Arthur Helliwell, killed at the same time and buried beside Raistrick Fuller
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