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Born: 1897, Baildon
Died: 3 September 1916, Somme
Address: John Street, Woodbottom, Baildon (later Ravenshorpe)
Parents: William & Ellen
Siblings: Bertha, Edith May, Jane Elizabeth
Occupation: Learning they dying business (1911)
Rank: Cpl
Rolls of Honour: Thiepval Memorial
Regiment: Duke of Wellington’s
Stanley Gawthorpe
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The Census returns, which give Stanley as James Stanley Gawthorpe, show the family’s move from Baildonn to Ravensthorpe took place between 1901 and 1911. Stanley was one of the thousands killed in the battle of the Somme. Cpl Stanley Gawthorpe, Duke of Wellington’s Regt, of Ravensthorpe, and formerly of John St, Baildon Woodbottom, is officially reported to have been killed. A comrade who has been badly wounded says in regard to Cpl
Gawthorpe’s death: “We went over to take the first line of German trenches. Stanley and I went over. “Stanley and the rest of the Company went to the first line trench whilst I and the backing company went up the communication trench to bomb the 2nd line. “A Coy Battalion bombers and B Coy were holding the front line trench four and a half hours when they found the rest of the Battalion had retired. “We were completely surrounded
so we bombed our way back to the German front line trench and there I saw Stanley laid at the mouth of a German dug-out. He had severe shrapnel wounds in the chest and legs and I knew for certain he was quite dead. “I have been out since April 1915 and have been with Stanley all the time in his platoon. I beg to offer my deepest sympathy with you in your loss as he was a good comrade and did his duty well and with a will.” The late hero’s aunt resides in Thompson Street, Shipley. Shipley Times & Express 3 November 1916