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Born: 1894, Shipley
Died: 30 October 1918 Eoumhock
Buried: Elsegem Churchyard
Address: Oakdene, 9 Avondale, Grove, Shipley
Parents: John Thomas & Ann Elizabeth
Siblings: Norman
Occupation: Ironmonger, Crown Works, Shipley
Rank: Pte
Rolls of Honour: St Paul’s, Shipley
Regiment: Durham Light Infantry
Charles Newell Hey
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Mr and Mrs John T Hey of Oakdene, Avondale Grove, Shipley, have received news of the death of their eldest son, Charles Newell Hey, killed in action at Eoumhock, near the borders of France and Belgium on 31st October. The deceased joined up on 17th January 1917 and went to France in August of that year. He had been employed in his father’s business at the Crown Works, Shipley. A letter to the deceased’s aunt Miss Newell of 20 Devonshire Street, Keighley, signed by Lieut J W Walton, states: “Durham Light
Infantry – Dear Miss Newell, It is with much regret that I have to inform you that Pte Hey was killed on 31st October. “We went over the top on the morning of 31st October, completed our job and settled down for the night in farm houses near the village of Eoumhock, when a stray German shell hit the farm No1 Platoon was in and killed Sgt White, the platoon sergeant, and the above named. “Unfortunately Lieut Bell, his platoon officer, is at present on leave. I have enquired from all his chums and I find that all his personal belongings were buried
with him. “All his platoon were in the one farm together and these two dear and much loved boys were resting on a bad near the fire when the shell caught them. “I cannot quite explain how it happened but it is remarkable that everyone else in the billet came out without a scratch yet they were all within a few yards of each other. “He was buried with Sgt White. The officers, N.C.Os and men of W Company wish me to convey to you their deepest sympathy at this time as we find another link from the family chain has been removed.”
Shipley Times & Express 6 December 1918
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