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Born: 1 May 1899, Pontyprid
Address: 27 Bradford Road, Idle
Parents: James & Gwladys
Occupation: Jeweller
Rank: Driver
Rolls of Honour:
Regiment: R.F.A.
Richard Lishman
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On 22 June 1917, the Shipley Times & Express reported: “Driver Richard Lishman (19), RFA,, son of Mr J Lishman, jeweller, Idle and grandson of Mr Richard Lishman, headmaster of the Belle Vue School, Bradford, has, we regret to say, had to have his left leg amputated below the knee as the result of receiving a piece of high explosive shell in the calf of the leg. Plunging of his horse “It was on June 7th and he piece of shell went right through both his horses and struck him in the left leg. By the plunging of his horses he lost his right stirrup and but for that fact his right leg would have been struck also. “He was thrown from his horse and fell between the pair. The plunging horses seem to have caught him under the arm and have thrown him
clean over into a field at the side of the road. “He was picked up within a few minutes by an infantryman who was escorting eight German prisoners to the rear. The infantryman applied the tourniquet and made two of the prisoners carry him to the dressing station. “As the Germans seemed to be rough in their handling of Driver Lishman, the infantryman threated what he would do if they did not exercise more care. “He was taken to the dressing station and from there almost at once transferred to the rear. He was taken to the Base Hospital the same night and brought to England two days later. His parents visited him at Liverpool on Wednesday and found him progressing nicely and in good spirits.
“Driver Lishman is well known and was a scholar at Belle Vue.” On 5 October that year the paper took the story further: “Three companions who joined the forces simultaneously are expected to be at home on leave at the same time. Two of them have already arrived, Gunner Oliver Thornton and Gunner Wilfred Clapham. Messines Ridge “The third member of the trio, Driver Dick Lishman, son of Mr J Lishman, jeweller of Bradford Road, is expected home immediately. He, however, is hors de combat. “He was wounded on the 7th July last on the occasion of the attack on Messines Ridge. With eight others he was engaged conveying ammunition right up to the front
line and his eight comrades were killed by the same shell with which he was sounded. “His wounds were so severe that it was found necessary to amputate his left leg above the knee. “On his discharge he will, therefore, be able to continue his employment as jeweller along with his father “Like his two friends, Driver Lishman joined up on January 1st, 1916, and he arrived in France on May 2nd, the day after his eighteenth birthday. “Naturally the three are anxious to meet before Gunners Thornton and Clapham return to their military duties.” Richard’s uncle, also Richard, also served with distinction in the war. Link below.
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