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Address: Northgate, Baildon
Parents: John & Annie
Rank: L Cpl
Medals/awards: Military Medal
Rolls of Honour:
Regiment: Duke of Wellington’s
William E Nutt
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William’s story is something of a mystery because while we find his parents John and Annie at the Northgate address given in the reports below, and they are given as having one child in 1911, there is no sign of William. The first we learn of him came in the Shipley Times & Express on 27 October 1916: “Pte W Nutt, only son of Mr and Mrs J Nutt of Northgate, Baildon, has been awarded the Military Medal for great gallantry in rescuing wounded from ‘No Man’s Land’ under heavy shell fire. “Pte Nutt is a nephew of Mr W Nutt, who was at one time a member of Baildon School Board,
and he joined the 1/7 Duke of Wellington’s Regt on February 2nd 1914, training at North Shields and was drafted to France. “This makes the fifth decoration for Baildon soldiers.” We get some more details in a council report published on 1 December: “It is worthy of note that at the last meeting of the Baildon District Council, Cllr W E Rhodes, chairman, made reference to the
distinction won by another Baildon lad. “It might not be generally known, said Mr Rhodes, that Pte W E Nutt, the son of Mr and Mrs John Nutt of Northgate, Baildon, had won the Military Medal for rescuing wounded soldiers under heavy fire and also for carrying messages for 24 hours under heavy shell fire. “He wished on behalf of the Council to offer its congratulations to Pte Nutt.
“The soldier named had been promoted to Lance Corporal since having been decorated. “They were proud that he had displayed such heroism and were desirous that he should know his deeds had been recognised and honoured. “They trusted that he would safely return to wear with justifiable pride the decoration ha had obtained. “Many prominent Germans looked upon Englishmen before the war as a money grabbing, non-patriotic and decadent race. They know better now and it was such men as L Cpl Nutt and others he could name who had helped to dispel that blundering supposition.”