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Born: 13 January 1897, Shipley
Address: Highclose, Moorhead Lane, Shipley
Parents: Ernest & Mary, nee Wilkinson
Spouse: Edna
Siblings: Harry
Occupation: Canal Ironworks
Rank: Sec-Lieut
Medals/awards: Military Cross
Rolls of Honour:
Children: Ann
Regiment: R.F.A.
Edward Parkinson
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On 20 August 1915, the Shipley Times & Express reported: “The firm of Joseph Parkinson & Son, Canal Ironworks, Shipley, who have been engaged on munition work since the early days of the war, have received several interesting letters from former employees now serving with the colours. “Some weeks ago the firm and employees jointly sent out to each man who enlisted from the Canal Ironworks a parcel containing just those things calculated to be most acceptable to the recipient. “With each parcel was enclosed a letter of greeting which also gave details of the munition works accomplished at Canal Ironworks. “The replies received show how keenly appreciated this little act of remembrance has been and how interested the men are in the part which the Canal Ironworks is playing in the supply of munitions. Cigarettes “Gunner Edward Parkinson, Royal Field Artillery, son of Mr Ernest Parkinson, the present principal of the firm, makes a strong appeal to those at home to do their share in overcoming the Hun. “He says that the articles sent out are exceedingly useful, especially the cigarette lighter. They are always running short of matches
and Tommy cannot fight without his cigarettes. “Continuing, he says: ‘Your work at home is quite as important as ours out here. Without you we cannot continue the war and come out victorious. ‘Therefore, I would ask you to put forth every endeavour at home to beat the Germans in the workshops as we are beating them at the front. ‘It is of vital importance – you would see if you were here - that there should be no lack of munitions ‘We are in a position to do great things but without your co- operation, all our efforts will fall flat. Once more I say do your best. ‘Whatever happens I feel sure that the men of Canal Ironworks will stand firmly together and by their united strength of purpose and example, help to bring this dreadful war to a speedy and successful issue.’ The next news we get of Edward is on 26 November 1915 and a narrow escape:
“Gunner Edward Parkinson, eldest son of Mr and Mrs Ernest Parkinson, Highclose, Moorhead Lane, Shipley recommended for commission. “Mr Parkinson is the head of the firm of J Parkinson and Son, Machine Tool Makers, Canal Iron Works. “His soldier son was educated at the Salt Schools and Woodhouse Grove School, Apperley Bridge. “On leaving the latter school he entered upon a course of engineering studies at the Bradford Technical College having just completed the course when the war broke out. Ill-fated “He joined the 1/2 West Riding Brigade RFA in September 1914 and went to France on the 15th April. Often he has been in the thick of the fray. Last week he was recommended for promotion and was accordingly sent to England. “He crossed the channel on Wednesday night of last week and the ship which conveyed him was only a short distance in front of the
ill-fated hospital ship, Anglia, which was sunk with heavy loss of life through striking a mine. “Second Lieut Parkinson will be attached to the 3/2 West Riding Brigade RFA now stationed in Bradford. During the last few months he has had a variety of experiences both as gunner and driver and has been exceedingly fortunate in coming through without a scratch. “He speaks in terms of high praise of the conduct and spirit of his comrades. He is looking forward to being able to put to practical use the experience he has gained in the field and which will doubtless be of great value to him in his future duties. “Second Lieut Parkinson is only 19 years of age.” On 19 October 1917 the newspaper reported: “Mr Ernest Parkinson of High Close, Shipley, and principal of the firm of Parkinson and Son, Canal Ironworks, Shipley, has received word that his son, Sec-Lieut Edward Parkinson, has been awarded the Military Cross. “The deed for which the distinction has been awarded is not detailed. “Lieut Parkinson is 20 years of age and is an old boy of Woodhouse Grove School.”