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Born: 1896, Idle
Died: 25 September 1916
Address: 60 Mossman Street, Windhill
Parents: Stephen & Ellen
Occupation: Telephone boy, stuff warehouse (1911)
Rank: Pte
Rolls of Honour: Christchurch, Windhill; Thiepval Memorial
Regiment: KOYLI
Clifford Skirrow
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On 31 August 1917, the Shipley Times & Express published a story confirming the death of Pte Clifford Skirrow Pte C Skirrow, elder son of Mr Stephen Skirrow of Wrose, who was reported missing a year ago, is now reported killed. Pte Skirrow, who was nearly 21 years of age, joined the forces early in the war and when he got to France he was chosen by his officer for a position of trust. One of his duties was to carry messages from his captain to those higher in command and it was stated that both he and his officer were placed hors-de-combat at the same time. Clifford was a smart youth and much sympathy will go out to Mr Skirrow in his loss. It may be remembered that the death of Mrs Skirrow was hastened by the sad news that her son was missing.
The report of his mother’s death referred to in the final sentence of his obituary, had been published on 18 May 1917 We deeply regret to record the death of Mrs Skirrow, wife of Mr Stephen Skirrow of Wrose and formerly of Idle. The deceased lady was nearly 46 years of age and as a scholar and teacher she had been associated with the Windhill Church day school for over 40 years. At the time of her death she was head assistant and Mr H W Lund, the headmaster, who was best able to judge her capabilities and her thoroughness as a teacher, never lost an opportunity of paying her the highest tribute. Mrs Skirrow took great interest in the children and she had a wonderful way of drawing the best out of them. All who have passed through her classes – and those include parents of present scholars – have a deep affection for her and although she has been removed from their midst, her kindly disposition and her earnest
efforts on their behalf will long be remembered by them. “A most loyal and faithful worker” was the expression made by Mr Lund on the day when her remains were laid to rest in Idle Church burial ground and a better epitaph nobody could have. Just over a year ago Mrs Skirrow had an illness from which she apparently recovered. She is survived by Mr Skirrow and two sons, Pte Clifford Skirrow and Pte W Skirrow. The former has been reported missing since September. The funeral took place on Wednesday and was largely attended. The school was represented by a number of scholars together with Mr Lund, Miss Garner, head mistress of the infants’ school, Miss Shuttleworth and Miss Clapham. The Rev H A Moreton, curate, was the officiating clergyman. There were many floral tokens.
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