J Robinson
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W Bailey
J W Parkinson
O Robinson
W Sedgewick
S H Sellers
J White
H Whitehead
S H Wray
This is very much a work in progress. If you have any information or pictures about any of these men please email richard.coomber@virginmedia.com
This Roll of Honour has been restored by Ken Walker, a member of the club and given a prominent position in the club house. The dedication reads THE GIFT OF ONE OF OUR MEMBERS MR CHARLES FORREST OCTOBER 1916 The date might mean that other names should be added. It is one of the rare Rolls of Honour to include women who served. For ease of reference the names have been put in alphabetical order. Men who died in the war are marked with a † on the board and here denoted with a purple border. Follow the links to learn more about the individuals.
H Astbury
E Allen
A E Bannister
G Barker
F H Bentley
O Bentley
H Broderick
J Breaks
E Bottomley
Fanny Clough
J Comber
A E Dean
B Dennison
W Fawcett
J Ellis
F Denton
W F Fawcett
C Forrest
W C Forryan
H W Field H W Field
F Hainsworth
S Haigh-Lumby
E Foster
M Heaton
B Hick
W V Kellet
H A Jowett
R Hooper
W Kershaw
H E Leland
C Lund
W H Lund
A Hewitson A Hewitson
G McCormick
J R R Oddy
H E Oxley
E S Marsden E S Marsden
A Robinson
P Procter
A Rhodes
A Rhodes
P Robertshaw
R Pendlebury
A Pemberton
H Rodgers
Emily Ross
R E Rothery
F E Shackleton
J Steel
T Sunder
J L Somers
A Steel
H Steel
A E Sidebotham A E Sidebotham
F Tattersall
P A Town
J D Vaughan
D W H Walker
A Sykes
D Yeoward
C W Wood
Rev J H Hardy Rev J H Hardy Fred Paley Fred Paley