There are two major memorials in Eccleshill, one overlooking the Recreation Park (right), erected in 1922, and the other in St Luke’s Church (left). The names on the park memorial are given by year with what appears to be a later panel to accommodate some additions. The Rev McKee started to collect money for the church memorial as early as 1916, insistent that the names of those who sacrificed their lives for their country should have a permanent and suitable record. Naturally, many of the names are repeated so here they are combined. Those with a black border appear on both memorials. Those in blue are only on St Luke’s and those in gold on the park memorial.  There are two men with a green border, who appear on neither memorial but are mentioned in St Luke’s Parish Magazine magazine. Here the names are given in alphabetical order to aid research. Where we have stories of the men you will see a link This is very much a work in progress. If you have any information, documents or photographs to help fill in the gaps, please get in touch
Henry Barker
J Willie Close
Ingham Crossley
Edward Firth
Sam Jones
Herbert Brayshaw Herbert Brayshaw Laurence Castley Laurence Castley Alfred Helliwell Alfred Helliwell Robert Helliwell Robert Helliwell Charles Howe Charles Howe
John Marsden
J Barker Milner
Herbert Mitchell
Harry Morris
Robert Moss
Charles H Mould
Albert Mouncey
Edgar Murgatroyd
Ellison Murgatroyd
Norman S Naylor
William Overend
Tom Parker
Fred Patchett
John Patchett
Harold Peel
W Gordon Penrice
Joseph Pickles
Harry Pipe
Arnold Pitts
Harry Read
William H Rhodes
Alexander Robinson
Joseph W Robinson
Alfred Sagar
Frederick Sampson
John Sanders
Harry Sellars
John H Shelton
Herbert Ramsden
John Pottage
Walter Thornton
John Waite
Oswald C Wade
Thomas Watson
Alfred Wells
Arnold Wilkinson
Ralph Waller
Fred Jowett Fred Jowett John Ramsbottom John Ramsbottom Home Page Home Page Home Page Rolls of Honour base Rolls of Honour base Rolls of Honour base Men Who Served base Men Who Served base Men Who Served base Arthur Allen Arthur Allen
Thanks to Jean Britteon for this photo and for sharing her extensive research into the men who appear on it.
D Jowett Skirrow
Walter Smith
William Stanton
Albert E Stevenson
Cyril Styles
W Arthur Sugden
Joseph Taylor
William Waite
Albert Waller
Ward Walton
Edward Westcott
Frank Wheat
Harold A Wheat
Fred Whitaker
Ambrose Whyatt
Ernest Wilkinson
Frederick F Wilkinson
Edgar Wilman
Arthur Winpenny
Ernest Wood
John Wood
James Wood James Wood Charlie Styles Charlie Styles
Ernest Wilkinson
George A Whitham
Herbert L Waite
Marmaduke Thornton
John Taylor
Arthur C Stott
Samuel F Smith
Sam Murgatroyd
Benjamin Baxter
William E Harvey William E Harvey Arthur P Jennings Arthur P Jennings Arthur P Jennings Frank Irving Frank Irving Gilbert Taylor Gilbert Taylor Samuel Clay Samuel Clay George Baren George Baren Joseph Barnatt Joseph Barnatt Herbert Cawthorne Herbert Cawthorne Garside Charlesworth Garside Charlesworth Sam Charlesworth Sam Charlesworth Gladwyn Allcock Gladwyn Allcock William Kirk William Kirk Herbert Barker Herbert Barker Harry D Barnett Harry D Barnett Willie Bell Willie Bell Harry Birch Harry Birch George H Bougen George H Bougen William Bower William Bower Edward Branson Edward Branson Henry Briggs Henry Briggs Louis Buckingham Louis Buckingham Horace Cariss Horace Cariss Alfred Clough Alfred Clough George Clough George Clough John H Collinson John H Collinson Robert Constantine Robert Constantine
Frank Wormald
Arthur G V Pinfold
Wm H Blakebrough Wm H Blakebrough Joseph W Crossley Joseph W Crossley Lewis Crossley Lewis Crossley Elliott A Currie Elliott A Currie Frank Dickinson Frank Dickinson Gordon Dickinson Gordon Dickinson Frederick Dore Frederick Dore Richard Durham Richard Durham Harry N Dixon Harry N Dixon William J Cooper William J Cooper Frank W Ellis Frank W Ellis William Ellithorn William Ellithorn David Finch David Finch Arthur Firth Arthur Firth Harry Firth Harry Firth James Fitzpatrick James Fitzpatrick Ernest Fogden Ernest Fogden Frank Fogden Frank Fogden G Haughton Fowler G Haughton Fowler G William Frith G William Frith Winchester Glover Winchester Glover Arthur Grange Arthur Grange Fred Greenwood Fred Greenwood Harry Greenwood Harry Greenwood Arthur C Guy Arthur C Guy Edward D Hall Edward D Hall William R Hayes William R Hayes Francis G Heard Francis G Heard Tom Hewitt Tom Hewitt Joseph M Hiick Joseph M Hiick Victor Hillam Victor Hillam Harold Hodgson Harold Hodgson Sydney Holdsworth Sydney Holdsworth Albert C Horne Albert C Horne Albert Horsfall Albert Horsfall Wilfred Howcroft Wilfred Howcroft Percy Howe Percy Howe Frederick Hullah Frederick Hullah Archie Huskisson Archie Huskisson Alfred Newbould Alfred Newbould Alf Ingleby Alf Ingleby Richard Jackson Richard Jackson Arthur P Jennings Arthur P Jennings Arthur P Jennings Charles Jefferson Charles Jefferson Henry Johnson Henry Johnson Ernest Jones Ernest Jones john Jones john Jones Arthur Jowett Arthur Jowett Willie Jowett Willie Jowett George Kitchen George Kitchen Charlie Kitson Charlie Kitson John Leach John Leach Walter Leach Walter Leach Wilfred Lee Wilfred Lee Harry Lythe Harry Lythe Benjamin McCrea Benjamin McCrea Tom Mannifield Tom Mannifield Walter Manning Walter Manning Alfred Maudsley Alfred Maudsley Herbert Milner Herbert Milner Joseph McEvoy Joseph McEvoy