The names of men from Idle who lost their lives in WW1 are given on the lych gate at Holy Trinity Church. Click on the links to learn more about the men featured This is very much a work in progress. If you have any information, documents or photographs to help fill in the gaps, please get in touch
Home Page Home Page Home Page Rolls of Honour base Rolls of Honour base Rolls of Honour base Men Who Served base Men Who Served base Men Who Served base Levi Berry Levi Berry Bateson Whitfield Bateson Whitfield Stanley Bowers Stanley Bowers Uriah Cordingley Uriah Cordingley Allen Craven Allen Craven Wilfred Craven Wilfred Craven A Ernest Goodman A Ernest Goodman F Oscar Greenwood F Oscar Greenwood C Arthur Hall C Arthur Hall Frank Hardaker Frank Hardaker Frank Hardy Frank Hardy Ernest Holdsworth Ernest Holdsworth Harry Holgate Harry Holgate William Illingworth William Illingworth John Ingham John Ingham Arthur Scott Arthur Scott Albert Lennon Albert Lennon William  Marshall William  Marshall H Alexander Ogden H Alexander Ogden Walter Peacock Walter Peacock Cyril Pearce Cyril Pearce Horatio Patrick Horatio Patrick Robert Sutcliffe Robert Sutcliffe Hilton Thomas Hilton Thomas Willie B Yates Willie B Yates Frank Buckley Frank Buckley Ralph Atchison Ralph Atchison
Arnold Anderson
Harold Atchison
E James Baber
Harold Bailey
David Bancroft
Harry Barker
Benjamin Barrett
Joseph Barron
William Beaumont
Benjamin Bottomley
H L Brocklebank
Robert Broomhead
Arthur Burnley
Walter Charlesworth
David Collins
Ralph Collinson
Charles Cordingley
John Croft
Frank Davison
John Deebank
Arthur Dennison
Samuel Dickinson
Keighley Dibb
Riley Dunwell
Arthur Exley
Herbert Fearnside
Jesse Firth
Arnold Fletcher
J Ernest Fletcher
Robert Garnett
Norman Gibson
W A Gladstone
Arthur Goldsborough
Matthew Goldsborough
John W Greenwood
Fred Hardcastle
Robert Hartley
Walter Haste
James Hewitt
John Hill
Henry Hirst
Harry Hoare
Harry Hobson
Herbert Hodgson
John Hodgson
Frederick Hollings
Willie Hollings
Jonathan Howard
Joseph Howker
Albert Hudson
Jesse Hudson
Harry Hutton
Samuel Hutton
Harry Jaques
Arnold Illingworth Arnold Illingworth
Arthur Milburn
Ernest Lodge
Albert Lofthouse
Harold Lindley
Fred Lupton
Charles North
Hainsworth North
Joseph Murgatroyd
Samuel Murgatroyd
George Naylor
William Padgett
Ben Parkinson
Herbert Parkinson
John Pickles
James Preston
Ernest Pedley
Horace Patrick
James Robertshaw
Thomas Rhodes
Fred Riley
Meredith Rhodes
William Scott
Harry Renton
Charles Raistrick
James Prosser
Harry Shackleton
Watson Stansfield
Jim Smith
William Spencer
Clifford Smith
Bernard Smith
Arthur Taylor
Joseph Taylor
William Terry
William Taylor
Richard Taylor
Arthur Thornton
William Thorton
Samuel Thornton
John Thornton
Albert Towler
Stanley Vint
George Warwick
John Walsh
Percy Walker
Frank Waterhouse
Samuel Turner
Walter Bickerdike Walter Bickerdike J Harold Collinson J Harold Collinson Herbert Kilner Herbert Kilner Horace Fletcher Horace Fletcher Ernest Suttle Ernest Suttle William T G Moss William T G Moss Moses Baxter Moses Baxter Wilfred Clapham Wilfred Clapham Fred Halliday Fred Halliday Alan Horsman Alan Horsman F Allan Raistrick F Allan Raistrick Sam Keighley Sam Keighley Fred Marston Fred Marston Alfred Pearson Alfred Pearson Clifford Pearson Clifford Pearson John Pitts John Pitts John Stead John Stead Ralph B Hutton Ralph B Hutton John Joyce John Joyce