Joseph Clow
H Hutchinson
Willie Mortimer
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To find out more about the men featured on this Roll of Honour, click on the grey link. I am grateful to Colin Coates for generously sharing his research into the stories of the men from Saltaire who served in the war. Links to Colin’s biographies are via the blue links. This is very much a work in progress. If you have any information or pictures about any of these men please email
G R Allen
Arthur J Bloomfield Arthur J Bloomfield
J Douglas
Leonard Foster
A Gandy
James Harrison
Harry Jones
George W Jowett
Walter A Kellett
Redford Marshall
William Mawson
Arthur Moore
Fred A Mortimer
W R Nuttall
Arthur R Padgett
H Page
William L Pimlott
Cecil W Rhodes
A Smith
Lewis Spencely
Sam Scholefield Sam Scholefield
T H Appleyard
Harold Barr
Thomas Binns
Herbert Boocock
R H Brayshaw
Rowland Briggs
Robert Brotherton Robert Brotherton
Norman Burton
Arthur Buswell
William Butler William Butler
Wm Calverley
Philip Carman
Edward Carrington
George Charlesworth
Sam Clough Sam Clough
John T Clow
Josiah Connell Josiah Connell
Joseph H Craven
Charles Davey
George E Day George E Day Thomas H Day Thomas H Day Charles Dickson Charles Dickson
Wm J Driver
Tom Edmondson
John W Emsley John W Emsley Frank Firth Frank Firth
John T Gaunt
Squire Greenwood Squire Greenwood
A Grimshaw
J Hall
Joseph Halliday Joseph Halliday
Willie Halliday
Henry A Hardy
Orlando Hardy Orlando Hardy
W A Harrison
Wm Hewitson
Thomas N Hiley Thomas N Hiley
J H Hill
A Hirst
Thomas Hodson Thomas Hodson
J W Holden
Charles Holdsworth Charles Holdsworth
Mark H Holmes
Fred Horsfall Fred Horsfall
T Hudson
Fred Ingham Fred Ingham
W Jarrett
Harry Jennings
Tom Jessop Tom Jessop James W Jude James W Jude Arthur W Keighley Arthur W Keighley
Sam Keighley
George Kendall
John W King
Fred Kendrick
Edgar Knowles
M Leahy
Ernest Lambert
Fred Lee Fred Lee James W Logan James W Logan
James Lister
Fred Long
Charles H Mawson
Richard V Lumb
Reginald W Mann
Lawrence Lund
Norman McBurnie
Willie McClelland
Thomas H Mitchell
J Moore
Harold Moorhouse Harold Moorhouse Alfred R Mounsey Alfred R Mounsey
Arthur W Newsholme
Francis P Nowell Francis P Nowell
James M Nutter
Edward O’Rourke
Harold Outhwaite
John Paley John Paley Ralph Paley Ralph Paley
H Parker
John B Parker
William H Patchett
W E Pearson
Harry Poole Harry Poole
Alfred Rhodes
Albert H Robinson
Horace Robinson Horace Robinson
R Sainsbury
Harry Scott
Walter Scott
Tom H Shackleton Tom H Shackleton
Wallace R Skinner
Alfred Smith
Harry Smith
S Smith
Thomas Smith
William H Speedie William H Speedie Sam Spencer Sam Spencer
Henry Spirrits
E Starkey
T Stone
Norman Studley Norman Studley John E Sutton John E Sutton
W H Thackwray
F Thomas
Henry J Tunstill
Fred Thornton
Sydney Thornton
F Tibble
Walter Townsley
Fred Starkey Fred Starkey Joseph Stead Joseph Stead Samuel S Stead Samuel S Stead James Trevethen James Trevethen Frank Varley Frank Varley
Henry Waugh
N M Walker
Tom Walker
Harry Walker Harry Walker Fred Walker Fred Walker
C Warne
Thomas M White
Stanley F Woodall
G Wilding
Frank Wilkinson
H Wilks
John C Wilde John C Wilde
E Wiseley
Herber H Worley
Charles Haigh Charles Haigh James Henry Hardy James Henry Hardy William Beecroft William Beecroft Edmund V Birkett Edmund V Birkett Meggison Bonass Meggison Bonass Frank Garforth Frank Garforth George Gill George Gill James Henry Gott James Henry Gott Charles N Hey Charles N Hey Edward L Holmes Edward L Holmes Frank Patrick Frank Patrick Norman Rennard Norman Rennard Arthur Rossington Arthur Rossington Philip S Slicer Philip S Slicer Walter G Slicer Walter G Slicer John E Scott John E Scott Wilfred J Stork Wilfred J Stork Albert Taylor Albert Taylor Fred Urwin Fred Urwin Edwin A Thomas Edwin A Thomas Herbert S Walker Herbert S Walker Jim W Whaites Jim W Whaites Charles T Whiteley Charles T Whiteley