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After the bloodiest battle in British history, Rev Whincup, sent a Christmas message to his parishioners at home. It is impossible not to detect a note of war weariness, having been at the Front almost non-stop since August. ‘The very mention of the word Christmas with all its old associations of peace, of love and home and brotherhood, seems to be almost a mockery in these
terrible days of separation and world-wide national enmity. ‘But despite all this, I hope that you will try your best to enter into the real inward spirit of the festival. ‘Try to realise within you something of that real peace which the apostles and the early Christians could appreciate although they were daily beset by all manner of awful persecutions
and heart-rending trials. ‘Keep your Christmas Communions, make the festival as happy as you can for the children in particular, and work and pray earnestly so that the great heart of humanity may be more fully open to receive and welcome the coming of Him whose teachings and principles alone can bring that peace and goodwill towards men for which we all long so much in these times of bloodshed and misery.’
Christmas in terrible days of enmity